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Why Libertarianism is the only way

Unfortunately most of the American population seems to view Libertarianism and traditional Conservatism as evil.  Rather than explore Libertarianism most Americans would rather denigrate it as a political ideology embraced by gun nuts and fringe candidates.  In the wake of Paul Ryan being chosen as Mitt Romney’s VP several news outlets published stories about how Libertarians were now suddenly going to shift over to the Romney camp.  Paul Ryan is not a Libertarian.  Just because you have read Ayn Rand and want to cut the budget does not make you a Libertarian.  In fact it is people like Paul Ryan who have given a bad name to both Libertarians and traditional Old Right Conservatives.  Well I have decided that Porkins Policy Review needs a shift.  Many people such as my self have had to hide our Libertarian leanings from our friends and family so as not to be ostracized.  Well it is time to come out of hiding and educate people on the virtues of Libertarianism.  The best place to start educating people is on the Libertarian stance on war.  So please watch the above video and read the link.  You may find out that you have a lot more in common with Libertarians than previously expected.

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