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Malaysia invaded by Islamic militants

It sounds far fetched doesn’t it. Yet it’s true. Hundreds of armed Filipino fighters have crossed the into the Malaysian state of Sabah. What’s that you say, you didn’t read about this in the New York Times or NPR, well how bizarre. The media black out in the West is deeply unsettling. One would think that hundreds of well armed militants from a staunch US ally (Philippines) invading a neighboring country would warrant at least a little of coverage. Sadly though it seems that this is not the case. As with most geopolitical events such as this it is the alternative media which is at the forefront reporting. Along with actually reporting that the invasion actually took place, Land Destroyer has also provided the analysis of why this has happened. As with most of the recent conflicts around the world, Syria, Mali, Libya, Congo, the US is once again using a proxy force to destabilize a nation it wishes to absorb into its imperialist control. As with most US destabilizations Al Qaeda is the proxy force contracted by the United States through our Saudi friends. As Land Destroyer points out Malaysia’s friendly relationship with Russia, Iran, and especially China has put it on Americas destabilization list. God forbid that China have good relations with a fellow Asian nation. Any attempt at that is viewed here as some attempt to control the world and usurp the title of world police from America. China of course has absolutely no desire to become the world police. That is the prerogative of the United States. The invasions timing also deserves scrutiny. Just as in Mali Malaysia is due to hold elections soon. Elections that Anwar Ibrahim, the western puppet we have been trying to put in power, said would be decided in both Sarawak and Sabha. Like in Mali this is no coincidence. Ibrahim and his western backers will use the “terrorists” as an election issue.

Please spread the word as to what is happening in Malaysia. The more exposure the imperialist agenda revives the more unlikely they are to succeed.

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