Mission Acomplished?


It has taken nearly nine years, but the war in Iraq is officially over. But is this mission accomplished?

With close to 5,000 service men killed, 30,000 wounded, and over 100,000 Iraqi’s killed the obvious answer is no. America has succeeded in overthrowing a dictator and helping to develop one of the most corrupt nations in the world. The toppling of Saddam has empowered Iran, and further divided the nation along ethnic and religious lines. The ends does not justify the means. The Arab Spring speaks volumes to the fact that people can bring about change. We are too quick to use military intervention to solve problems. In the coming months I am sure that we will hear more about all the wonderful things that the Iraq war has accomplished; don’t buy into the spin. With thousands of security contractors, and the biggest U.S. embassy ever, we are far from leaving Mesopotamia or accomplishing anything of substance. The idea that the Iraqi people are going to rule their own country is also a fallacy. America is now forever linked to Iraq. Iraqi PM Maliki will be propped up for as long as it is possible. Noes he’s “our guy” in the region.
The most disconcerting aspect of this Middle East debacle is the Presidents lack of acknowledgement of how futile and wrong the war was. This same president said that it was a stupid war, but now talks about the wonderful democracy that we have brought to the Iraqis. Afraid to criticize the military that he now wholeheartedly loves, the president has let down many of his original supporters. What happened to the notion of supporting the troops
but not the war? We are not safer or better off now that Saddam is gone. Obviously those who shed blood and died in Iraq should not be forgotten. They were sent to nation to fight a war that served no purpose, and made no one safer. On the other hand we can’t just roll over and declare success.
Iraq is more dangerous and corrupt than ever before. We are not really leaving the country, instead just minimizing the foot print. Also don’t forget that we are still fighting in Afghanistan. And don’t forget that it is ok to be critical of a war. There is nothing wrong with saying we messed up.

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