It’s the end of the world!!

Whilst catching up on the Bradley Manning trial one thing kept popping into my mind; the hysteria that enveloped everyone last year when Wikileaks released thousands of diplomatic cables to various news outlets. People of all political persuasions, particularly though on the right, we’re predicting that the U.S. was to become increasingly isolated from the international community. How would we be able to work with the nations that we so clearly criticized in these leaked cables? In the aftermath Secretary Clinton was whisked away on an apology tour for all the nations that we offended. Fortunately Washington was able to avert the Wikileaks scandal by managing to create enough scandal themselves. Following Bradley Manning’s alleged leaking of 250,000 cables to Wikileaks, America has: assassinated two U.S. citizens in Yemen, launched more drone strikes in a few years than President Bush did his whole term, help block Palestinian statehood, practically destroy relations with Pakistan, raise tensions with Iran to a fever pitch, and a myriad of other things too long to post here. Nothing that came out in Wikileaks has led to any serious breakdown in diplomatic relations. Despite the incessant claims that our soldiers would be in danger the Defense Department later confirmed that no one was killed. So this holiday season be sure to remember that Bradley Manning and Wikileaks didn’t ruin Washington’s credibility, Washington managed that just fine on their own. I wonder if locking up Private Bradley Manning for the rest of his life will hinder or help our standing in the international community?

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