Paul and Romney only ones on ballot in Vigrinia


The presumed front runner Newt Gingrich will not be on the ballot in his home state of Virginia.  Apparently no one else will aside from Gov. Romney and Rep. Paul.  In a testament to how unorganized the candidates and this election has been, no other candidates were had the infrastructure within the state to get on the ballot.  Due to the strict election laws in Virgina Gingrich won’t even be able to be a write in candidate.  This is another roadblock for the Gingrich campaign, which has already been plagued by disorganization.  This was supposed to be a litmus test for how far Gingrich has come since becoming the top candidate; he does not come out looking very good.  Virginia comes out of this whole fiasco as the biggest loser.  They have made themselves irrelevant  on Super Tuesday.

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