Who will drop out?

When all the votes are counted who will drop out of the GOP nominating process?

After watching Rick Perry on Fox News just few minutes ago he seems ready to end it in the next few days. He has spent millions in Iowa and will finish in fifth place with around 10% of the vote.  Having seen his campaign implode shortly after his first debate, it seems increasingly unlikely that Perry will be able to continue on.  The Governors prospects of doing well in New Hampshire are extremely low, and his chances in South Carolina are just as bad if Santorum wins in Iowa.

Michelle Bachmann is headed towards an even worse finish in Iowa.  As of right now she has not won even a single county in Iowa, and is polling at around 5%.  She faces a similar problem that Perry does; a terrible campaign in Iowa, with no momentum going into the upcoming primaries.  Bachmann does not have the financial resources that the governor does, and with no prospects of raising any capital in the near future, she will have no chance of accomplishing anything in the upcoming primaries.

If these two candidates do drop out this will be good news for Jon Huntsman.  Huntsman will than be able to position himself as an alternative to the right wing conservative section of the GOP.  He will have more air time in New Hampshire, where he has been feverishly campaigning all year, which will help him to stand out more.

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