One more in the “let’s not bomb Iran” camp

Former CIA and NSA chief General Michael Hayden said at an event today that bombing Iran would only bolster the nation, and make it harder to stop the Islamic Republic.  While still working for President Bush Hayden determined that attacking Iran would be a terrible idea.  This follows on the heals of two former heads of Mossad saying that an assault on Iran could only bring more instability to the Middle East.  It will be interesting to see how Congress will take these comments.  In recent weeks members in Congress on both sides of the aisle have been ratcheting up the rhetoric towards Iran; on a seemingly disastrous course towards war.  Most of the GOP candidates have repeatedly said that they would base their military decisions on the advice of their generals.  That being said it will be interesting what response Romney, Santorum, or Gingrich will have to the Bush era generals thoughts on not attacking Iran

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