Imperialst Hague warns of Islamists while urging intervention


The imperialist warmonger William Hague is yet again warning about the threat of Islamic terror in Syria.  The British Foreign Secretary has named Syria the “number one” destination for jihadist’s.  Hague even goes so far as to say that current situation increases the threat of chemical weapons.  Thus according to Hague its time for Russia and China to join the West in helping to bring about regime change, also known as military intervention.  It is amazing how Hague is able to say such things with a straight face.  He bemoans the terrorist threat while at the same time advocating the overthrow of the last secular leader in the Middle East and continuing to fund and arm Islamist’s.  The idea that by going in and implementing a regime change would somehow stop the Islamic terrorists is beyond idiotic.  Of course Hague and the other imperialists like Obama in fact want the Islamist fighters to succeed so as justify to the sheeple in America that we need to spend countless amounts of money securing and dominating the Syrian people.  As with all other imperialists Hague is more concerned with fomenting destabilization through out Syria and the greater Middle East.

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