Syrian Observatory for Human Rights funded by EU


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has fast become the corporate controlled medias go to source on violence inside the country.   Every major newspaper and outlet uses their “reports” to determine the death toll of civilians inside Syria.  Surprise surprise, it turns out that they are funded by the EU and an unnamed European country.  The unnamed country is most likely Great Britain, and this has been widely known by anyone with a functioning brain.  The New York Times, as always about two years too late, has revealed to the general public that in fact the Syrian Observatory is nothing more than a western funded propaganda machine.  The fact that the Observatory is nothing more than a sole individual named Rami Abdul Rahman  who relies on Skype conversations still seems to not be an issue for media organizations and the corporate/government funded “Human Rights groups.”  As Tony Cartalucci points out in a recent article, people seem to have forgotten that the evidence that “Curve Ball” and Dr. Silman Bouchuiquir have turned out to be nothing more than lies and distortions.  No doubt the NYT and others will continue to quote this lying warmonger as they function as nothing more than a stenographer for the power elite.

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  • Mark  On April 13, 2013 at 8:49 am

    “Warmonger”? In case it as past your notice there’s already a war taking place – and without the decisive role of Western arms it’ll just get longer and bloodier.

  • porkinspolicyreview  On April 13, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    I say warmonger as that is what he is, someone who advocates war against another nation. In case its past your notice the influx of western arms never makes a conflict less bloody. Be it Iraq, Kosovo, Central America, Libya, or any other nation or region that the West has deemed necessary to meddle in, it has never ever been good. Regime change is a euphemism for the violent overthrow of a leader and the extermination of their supporters. Libya is not any safer since the West funded terrorists with money and arms to murder Gaddafi and his supporters. it is now a lawless country that sends arms and militants to other Arab nations to destabilize them and exploit them for the Wests benefit. Perhaps you like Al Qaeda and Al Nusra butchering people in Syria and destroying one of the oldest civilizations in the world. But do not fool yourself into thinking that by arming foreign fighters inside Syria this will somehow end the bloodshed. In case it’s past your notice the West does not have the authority to murder and overthrow leaders that it doesn’t like so they can install puppets.

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