The US does not have free and fair election

This is an update to my most recent post on the recent presidential election in Venezuela. As I stated previously the corporate/controlled American media will soon be espousing rhetoric about election fraud. Anytime a nation that is critical of western hegemony has an election the talking head all complain that is was not free and fair. Inevitably they proclaim how wonderful and fair Americas electoral system is. Anyone out there with a half a brain knows this to be totally false. But for those who don’t know, or aren’t convinced, I implore you to check out Bev Harris’ website

It is an invaluable resource on the rampant fraud that takes place within Americas electoral system. Bev Harris documents numerous local, state, national elections where democracy has been circumvented. Much of this revolves around the ubiquitous electronic voting machines being used in America. Most of the machines are produced by a single company, Diebold, which has a long history of covering up flaws within their operating systems. The site includes a PDF copy of Bev Harris’ excellently researched book, “Black Box Voting Book”, as well as links to numerous videos documenting voter manipulation and fraud. Many Americans will be horrified at the level or corruption that takes place in our electoral system. All elections that use electronic voting machines are fraudulent. The data is easily manipulated or changed in favor of one candidate over the other. So before condemning Venezuela lets take a minute and look at our own voting system.

Here is a great interview that Lew Rockwell conducted with Bev Harris on the whole issue. It is a great introduction to electronic voter manipulation.

I also suggest watching the HBO documentary “Hacking Democracy.” This film features Bev Harris and her crusade to educate people to the dangers of electronic voting machines. It seems as if the full version is no longer available on YouTube. But I will try and find another free copy of the film. Check in for updates on that within the next few days.

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