Porkins Great Game episode 14 Is Kazakhstan in Trouble?

On this episode Christoph and I turn our attention to Kazakhstan and the June 5th mass shooting. We examine the attack itself, breaking down what happened and the governments swift response. We explore the socioeconomic problems facing western Kazakhstan and how this may have played a decisive role is spurring on these attacks. We discuss the recent land protests across the Central Asian nation, and give a historical overview of Aktobe, including the role of western Kazakhstan in propping up the ruling regime.

Next we move on to the recent killing of Taliban leader Mullah Mansoor. Less than a year after his rise to power Mansoor was killed by a US drone strike in yet another blow to the peace process. Christoph and I explain the precedent set by the US in not only targeting the top Taliban leader, but also having the strike take place in the spiritual and operational city of Quetta. We consider Pakistan’s strong condemnation of the US for breaking its commitment to forging a lasting peace between Kabul and the Taliban. We examine Mansoor’s frequent travel to Dubai, Bahrain, and Iran, as well as his Pakistani passport. Christoph explains the reasons behind Mansoor’s frequent travel to Iran. We also touch on the increasing violence in Northern Afghanistan which is slowly getting the attention of the US and Russia.

Lastly, we discuss the recent row between Germany and Turkey over Germany’s parliamentary recognition of the Armenian genocide. We review the litany of harsh remarks from Erdogan and his government against Germany. Christoph gives us his perspective from within Germany as to how this is playing out there. He also discusses the satirical video put out by Jan Bohmermann about Erdogan and how this plays into the tense relationship between Turkey and Germany.

We finish off with our “weird terrorism” segment by looking at several interesting stories: the CIA-Pentagon fight over supporting Al Nusra; the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, an update on Alparslan Celik.

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Show Notes:
Porkins Great Game Patreon

Aktobe shootings:

Kazakhstan: Aktobe Violence Wrongfoots Authorities


Kazakh leader says Aktobe attacks orchestrated from abroad

Kazakhstan guard base attackers heard ‘holy war’ broadcast from Syria: minister

Exclusive: Suspect in Kazakh shooting posted Islamic State-linked video

Hate-filled extremism from beyond our borders will not divide Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Official Blames Mafia for Suicide Bombing

Killing of Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour:

Porkins Great Game ep. 9 The Death of Mullah Omar

U.S. Strike on Taliban Leader Is Seen as a Message to Pakistan

Frequent traveller Mullah Mansour used Pakistan airports

Death Showcases Afghan Taliban Leader’s Iran Connection

Pakistan Considers Canceling U.S. F-16 Deal, Buying From Jordan

U.S. military sees Afghan talks with new Taliban leader unlikely

Mansour in Iran for medical treatment (German)

Afghan Government Secretly Fosters Taliban Splinter Groups

Fighting in northern Afghanistan:
Majlis Podcast: Confusion, Fighting In Northern Afghanistan

Armenian Genocide row between Turkey and Germany:

Erdogan’s Attempt to Suppress German Satire Has the Opposite Effect

Böhmermann affair

Bundestag passes Armenia ‘genocide’ resolution unanimously, Turkey recalls ambassador

Germany summons Turkish envoy in row over Erdogan comments

Turkey blocking German official’s visit to Incirlik base: Germany

German minister says will visit Turkey base after Ankara criticism

Pentagon vs. CIA:

CIA and Pentagon Bicker While Russia Wipes Out U.S.-Backed Rebels

Lavrov: West asking Moscow not to bomb positions of al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda branch in Syria

Jaysh al Fath coalition launches new offensive in Aleppo province

Islamist rebels seize village near Aleppo, 73 killed: monitor

Syria insurgents launch assault against government forces near Aleppo: monitors

51 U.S. Diplomats Urge Strikes Against Assad in Syria

Speaking Nonsense to Power: Misadventures in Dissent Over Syria

Jonathan Pollard:
American spy for Israel released after 30-year sentence “still a threat to US”

Update Celik:

Investigation into alleged killer of Russian jet pilot reopened in Turkey

Alleged killer of Russian jet pilot released from prison in Turkey

Turkey’s Erdoğan says ‘sorry’ over downed Russian jet



Donna Summer – “Dim All The Lights”

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  • CuChulainn  On July 18, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    informative discussion, as usual–very useful esp. re. Mullah Mansour and the Pentagon/CIA conflict. if i may, the mockery of Erdogan sounds different with a few days hindsight–is it not possible that recent events, from the Armenia genocide resolution to the much-publicized ridiculing of Erdogan and ensuing polarization of German opinion against him, might not entirely reflect the sovereignty of German public opinion? boasting of German freedom of speech in this context sounds like Manuel Valls at a Charlie Hebdo demonstration.

    • porkinspolicyreview  On July 19, 2016 at 12:48 am

      Thanks for listening!

      Are you suggesting that the German uproar was designed in anticipation of the coup? I genuinely think that many in Germany dislike him because he is an autocratic leader. I fear that many in the alt-community are starting to view Erdogan as some sort of check on the new world order. He is still a nasty person who does the bidding of the CIA, or at least did their bidding until two days ago. I don’t think he turned into a Gaddafi over night.

  • Bob  On July 19, 2016 at 11:55 am

    This travel guide says that Kazahkstan is rough place to visit and although many are not religious (either the orthodox christians and the muslim population) heh – I’d like to add the fact that almost all countries which split off the USSR which had a muslim majority, were all far away from being even just a heavily frequenter of the local Mosque. One good effect of the pseudo-socialism. Had the US minded its own business and let the USSR take Afghanistan (I’m not even sure they wanted to take it, just protect the ELECTED social-democratic government). I’m sure the opium would have continued to flow and yadayadak, looking at pictures of people in Afghanistan in the 70’s, there’s boys wearing jeans and t-shirts and there’s a, my god, a TV!. Hmm anyway, the guide says that Kazahks are pretty easy to offend and will have fist fights and says to stay very polite and to never ever mention Borat.

    The country has been pretty stable since its re-creation compared to the other stans.Probably because it is the wealthiest like you said but also because its culture considers religion as a much more personal thing. Still, it’s a fascist state but it shouldn’t be destabilized and create tensions in it that don’t even exist, cough-iraq-cough-syria-cough.

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