TransResister Radio ep 190 Pearse Redmond interview, Casual Friday Night Conspiracy Gossip Hour and a Half


Friend of the show, Pearse Redmond, returns for a fun and casual conversation about a myriad of conspiracy related topics. From Les Wexner and Jeffrey Epstein to Transcendental Meditation to Danny Casolaro. Listeners will be sure to enjoy this episode

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  • 0use4msm  On June 19, 2018 at 2:39 pm

    Calling TM a “cult” is playing fast and loose with the term to the point of ridiculousness. There’s no way you can compare TM to Scientology or the Rajneesh movement in terms of cult-like behaviour. I’ve never bothered with TM myself, but two of my friends/co-workers did, so I was able to observe how it affected them. They remained the individuals that they always were: they were always free to stop TM whenever they wanted, they were not forced to behave in a certain way, wear particular clothing or proselytise. Nor were they forced to give all their money to the organisation. One of my friends was on the dole, so he didn’t have much money to give anyway. Yes, there was a fee for the initial teachings, the amount of which was fairly reasonable, but if that makes your organisation a cult then so is begging people for regular donations on Patreon so you can tell them how to view the world at large.

    • porkinspolicyreview  On June 19, 2018 at 2:53 pm

      I suggest looking more closely into TM and its history. There are plenty of Scientologists or other members of cults or high control groups that are lead seemingly normal lives like the to co-workers you described. Just because you aren’t living in a compound and dressing the same doesn’t mean you aren’t in a cult or authoritarian group. There are people who are higher up in the religious order of TM who are absolutely trapped in a authoritarian cult. Again a public Scientologist is not the same as a member of the SeaOrg. I am also not saying that meditation or even some of TM’s practices are necessarily bad, but I would caution against TM because it can be very damaging to a lot of people. Check out Gina Catena and what she has to say. She was born into TM and understands the inner workings of the organization and the negative effects it can have.

      Also I have never begged people to give me money on Patreon so I can tell them how they should view the world at large.

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