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Support American Freedom Radio

Dear Friends,
It’s becoming more difficult to raise the funding necessary to bring you some of the best radio hosts in the world like Carol Rosin, Jack Blood, Vinny Eastwood, Jordan Maxwell, Ed Opperman, Tere Joyce and Rachael L. McIntosh, Pearse Redmond, Niko House and more, but we are still struggling just to pay our monthly bills. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this network for the last 10 years, shining light on the dark forces operating in this world and we honestly don’t want to stop, but unless we can find a way to fund this network we fear we may have to accept the fact that the support isn’t there to continue.

We are now appealing to you to help us stay alive and to hopefully move forward. You are the most awake and aware people on the planet and if you have ideas or talents that will help save this network, please contact us using the email address below. We’ve avoided having multiple commercial breaks, bringing you an uninterrupted 55 minutes of radio, because it’s best for our listeners, hosts, and guests.

American Freedom Radio is also still trying to launch daily live video shows to be more visible in the world, but we’ve been unable to raise the enough funding. We have the hardware in place but need help funding a new WordPress site to facilitate video platform and if you are able or know people who can volunteer to help, please use the email below. We are also still in need of a couple of used working computers and if you have one, please use the email below to contact us. Please use the links below if you can help in any way. We’re hoping we can solve some of these shortfalls soon or we will be forced to go silent. Time is of the essence and American Freedom Radio truly needs your support right now. Please donate if you have the means.

Heartfelt thank you to all of you who have come to our rescue in the past and we hope you find it in your hearts to save this one of a kind organic radio network. We love our listeners!

Yours in peace and freedom,
American Freedom Radio

Please donate any amount here with Paypal:

or monthly here on AFR’s website:

You can also support AFR on a monthly basis with Patreon:

Please send emails to:

We are in need of financial help here at AFR

Faithful listeners we are in need of some financial help over at AFR.  This is not a ploy or a cheap way of raising some money.  If you are a fan of the work that I do and the amazing resource that AFR is than please help out in any way that you can. We are not asking for much, just enough to make sure that we stay on the air. Any amount helps so please support us if you can.


Dear Friends of American Freedom Radio,
I’m sending this urgent appeal out as a last resort, but it has now become necessary in order to keep the great hosts on American Freedom Radio on the air bringing you the most honest and important information possible. We have stalled off our Internet, phone and electric bills for the last 2 months, but if we don’t raise $800 in 2 days these utilities will shut us down. Forget that we are operating without a backup recording computer and haven’t been able to raise the funds to finish our new website necessary for our video project, this appeal is just to keep us broadcasting on the air. The last thing we want is to go dark, but it is now out of our hands and we’re hoping our great listeners can save the day. We sincerely thank those who have come to our aid in the past and for their understanding, the importance of AFR and the hard work of its hosts, especially when the well-funded mainstream media wants networks like AFR gone. Please, if you can help us, click our direct PayPal link below, please, now is the time. We have great new hosts waiting to come on the network and we are also open to any ideas that would propel us forward. On behalf of all our great hosts, we thank you for your appreciation of our work.

Yours in peace and freedom,
American Freedom Radio

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Porkins Policy Radio episode 52 Tom Secker – Chase Brandon, State entertainment, Turkey Coup,

For this inaugural episode I am joined by my good friend and frequent collaborator Tom Secker. We begin by discussing the bizarre life and career of the CIA Hollywood liaison Chase Brandon. We then move onto the relationship between entertainment and the security services. We explore the notion that this going beyond mere propaganda, and instead represents a significant distortion of our culture and perception of reality and world events. Tom and I finish off by discussing the recent coup attempt in Turkey and some of our problems with the way the alt-media has covered this event.

Download episode

Show Notes:

Biggest ever FOIA release from Pentagon Entertainment Liaison Offices

CIA Inspector Generals Report on Engagement with the Entertainment Industry

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