Post ABC debate

I could take the rest of night writing about this debate and what it means for the rest of the election cycle. It being Saturday night instead will keep it short.

The debate was a bit more lively than previous ones. There were some interesting moments, including the first mention of lunar colonies by Mitt Romney. The biggest moment undoubtedly was Romney’s failed attempt to get Gov. Rick Perry to enter into a $10,000 bet. $10,000 roughly equals about three months wages in Iowa.  Governor Romney’s advisers must have been screaming back stage when he picked $10,000 as betting amount.  This will run in the news cycle for weeks to come; everyone from the president to pundits to the candidates will hammer Mitt on this one . In a debate in which Romney had to fight back and gain lost ground he seemed to fall short.

As of right now Gingrich is still the front runner and the man to beat. This is not going to be a simple and easy primary season. This is going to be a long and hard fight.

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