Invented Palestine question at Debate devolves

This exchange warranted a quick post.

The candidates were asked to comment on the recent comments that Speaker Gingrich made about the Palestinian people; what followed one perhaps one of the more inflammatory and idiotic discussions thus far. Rather than call out Newt for making false and racist comments, the candidates debated over if it was ok with Israel to say that.

There was more concern about us speaking for the Israeli government, instead of the fact that the remarks were offensive. Gov. Romney didn’t think it was right to say not because it perpetuates the image of an uncaring
United States, but because it might hurt Bibi. Not even an after thought about the hundreds of thousands of people living under occupation. A people living under the occupation of a people that didn’t exist until 1948.

Some how I don’t see the peace process gaining any ground by abusing the Palestinian people.

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