Reaction to beating of woman in Eygpt

These were scenes from Cairo of thousands of women protesting after graphic images emerged of security forces beating a woman.  After a fifth day of clashes between the ruling SCAF and the Egyptian people at least 14 people have died and more than 900 injured.  There is a growing sense that the SCAF is as corrupt and brutal as Mubarak.  It is also becoming increasingly obvious that the military does not want to cede power back to the Egyptian people.  A disconnect has also been growing between the military and what is going on in the streets.  At a recent press conference military officials denied that anyone was injured or killed during the fights going on in Cairo.  He even went so far as to say no live ammunition was used.  While this press conference was going on soldiers were in fact shooting and killing civilians.

Here is the video of the woman being stripped and beaten for anyone who hasn’t already seen it.

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