Those pesky Chinese hackers are at it again

It seems that yet again another major institution, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has been infiltrated by Chinese hackers. Earlier in the year a string of major hacking incidents targeted everyone from the Taiwanese government to Google, and even the International Olympic Committee. All of these cyber attacks were alleged to have been perpetrated by some entity within China. It is believed that there was some degree of state sponsorship from the Chinese government in conjunction with the attacks. The Wall Street Journal reports that the hackers had access to the Chamber of Commerce for at least two full years. The Wall Street Journal quotes the chief operating officer David Chavern as saying the hacker was “…clearly somebody very sophisticated, who knew exactly who we are and who targeted specific people and used sophisticated tools to try to gather intelligence.”
The most dangerous aspect of this cyber attack is the total lack of protection against hacking here in America. We are constantly told of how cyber warfare is going to be the next frontier; well that frontier is here already. America is losing the cyber war so far. There is a definite hacking gap between us and the Chinese. We might be caught fighting the last war with our pants down, again.

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