Both sides at fault, but mostly it was your fault

The U.S. has released a report today detailing what allegedly caused American forces to kill 24 Pakistani soldiers in November. The report notes that what took place is certainty a tragedy, while at the same time placing most of the blame on the Pakistanis. According to the report it was the Pakistanis that fired first, dragging the American forces into a fire fight. Miscommunication and bad coordinates are also to blame for the deadly friendly fire incident.
In classic American fashion, rather than issue a real apology, the blame is placed on the Pakistanis. And yet many in Washington will continue to wonder why the Pakistanis dislike us. Even if all of the report is true, Washington needed to bite the bullet on this one and issue a real apology. How long can Washington and the president keep this up? Politicians like Imran Khan are gaining more and more support with in Pakistan by running on an anti American platform. Sometimes in diplomacy you cant get everything that you want; the United States really needs to comprehend this. This arrogant stance will only further the gapping divide between Washington and Islamabad. Don’t be surprised when another attack on NATO forces is linked back to the ISI.

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