Pressure mounts on Zardari

After returning from Dubai after suffering a minor heart attack, President Zardari is facing more pressure to leave government. A Reuters exclusive quotes several prominent sources within the military who want Zardari to leave. The military is quick to point out that they do not want to implement a coup to rid themselves of president Zardari. Pakistan has undergone three military coups since it was formed in 1947. The military in Pakistan is already under tremendous pressure after the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in May took place; many see this as a blatant breach of sovereignty. The “memogate” scandal has already claimed the Pakistani ambassador to the U.S., who resigned after it was alleged that he was the individual who authored the memo asking for help to counter a military coup. Zardari seems as if he may be the next to go as a result of this scandal. Widely loathed through out the country, Zardari’s exit will not be viewed negatively by most people.

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