Sanctions are helping to build bomb

It is time for Washington and the citizens of the Unites States to wake up and realize that sanctions are failing to prevent Iran from building a bomb.

The latest round of sanctions were viewed in Iran as an act of war today.  Iran’s finance minister, Shamseddin Hosseini, was quoted in the offical news agency IRNA as saying, “These sanctions are an economic war against us.”  and “The enemies of the Islamic republic’s regime, with all their tricks, have not been able to chain the nation and now they want to chain the economy.”

The purpose of the sanctions is to weaken the Iranians and bring them to the negotiating table, not to raise tensions and bring us closer to conflict.  Sanctions have only emboldened the Iranians to speed up their nuclear capabilities.  The west has now made it impossible for the Iranians to halt building even if they wanted to.  If Iran were to build a bomb, or be at a capacity in which they could construct one very quickly, they would no longer be kicked around by Israel and America.  Recent events have shown what happens when a regime does back track on the building of a nuclear device.  Gaddafi was convinced by the west to dismantle his nuclear facilities under immense international pressure; after he did he was victim to a military intervention and was executed.  If  Gaddafi had had a nuclear weapon there is no way NATO would have implemented a no fly zone.  A bomb for Iran would mean never getting pushed around again by Israel and America.

For an even better explanation read Vali Nasr’s  recent article in Bloomberg.

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