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Porkins Policy Radio ep. 22 Xinjiang, Azerbaijan and Gladio B with Christoph Germann

On today’s episode we spoke with independent analyst and researcher Christoph Germann.  Christoph runs the invaluable blog, The New Great Game, which deals with Central Asia, the Caucus region as well as regional powers.  We discuss the very troubling trend of knife and bomb attacks occurring in the Xinjiang region of China.  Christoph explains what is at stake for China as well as the western powers when it comes to this oil-rich geo-strategic region. We also explore the situation in Azerbaijan.  Christoph explains how CIA puppet Fethullah Gulen and his Islamic movement have entrenched themselves in the nation in much the same way as in Turkey.  We round off the conversation by discussing Gladio B and how Azerbaijan has been used as a base of operations for NATO and there roving band of mujahedin fighters, both in the 90’s and now in Syria.  Lots of information in this one, so please go to the show notes.

Download PPR episode 22

Show notes:

The New Great Game

Christoph Germann on BFP

Three Dead 79 Injured in Xinjiang railway station terrorist attack

Six injured in knife attack at Chinese train station

Russia, India planning $30 billion oil pipeline through Xinjiang

Gullen: Top issue in the agenda of Erdogan’s visit to Azerbaijan

Armenia and Azerbaijan share a Syria problem

Azerbaijan: Sumgayit becomes front of Syria bound jihadists

BFP Expose: Cia-Obama-George Soros coordinated misinformation campaign targets Russia

Why was a Sunday Times report on US government ties to al Qaeda chief spiked?


Paul Johnson – “Hear the music”

The Whispers – “And the beat goes on”

Obama reportedly tell aides he’s “really good at killing people”

According to a new book by journalists Mark Halperin and John Heileman Obama told aides that he’s “he’s really good at killing people.” This was allegedly discussed in connection to Obama’s illegal drone program. The question I am posing here is; should we believe something written by the mainstream corporate news that reinforces our beliefs?

Almost all if not everyone in the alternative media distrust the propagandists in the mainstream corporate media. Yet anytime we see a story in the MSM that is conspiratorial, or reinforces our assertions, we instantly proclaim it to be true. Now to some degree it is true that MSM gets it right every once in a while. There are journalists that work for big corporate news outlets that actually do speak truth to power on occasion. Nonetheless, we should still question the authenticity of reports like ones about Obama openly talking to aides about how great he is at murdering people. For a president obsessed with secrecy to be brazenly talking about how good he is at obliterating human beings to aides, who then talked to some mainstream reporters should sound alarm bells to those claiming to be in the truth movement. Now perhaps Obama did say this. Clearly he has no regards for human life so it’s not at all implausible that he would say this. My only issue with this is that we already know this. We don’t need some Time magazine writers to tell us that. The alt media needs to stop looking for the approval of the mainstream to justify their existence. Think for your self. Don’t listen to Mark Halperin or John Heileman, or Russia Today, or me for that matter. Instead free your own mind and discover the truth that is out there.

Company managing data collection for funded by CIA

It turns out there is yet another reason to be fearful of Obamacare.  The company in charge of managing the massive troves of personal information being collected received substantial funding from the CIA’s venture capital firm known as In-Q-Tel.  In-Q-tel was formed in 1999 with the express role of funding tech companies whose products also serve an intelligence function.  In-Q-Tel is famous for providing seed money to Keyhole Inc., which would later be bought up by Google so they could establish Google Earth.  This time around the company in question is Socrata.  Socrata is a cloud software company which will be handling all of the personal data that all Americans will be required to give when signing up for Obamacare.  This will include place of residence, social security number, bank account numbers, medical history, place of employment, income, military background, immigration status, criminal record, email addresses, and phone numbers.  All of this data will then be made available to the CIA and all other alphabet soup agencies operating in the United States.  Aside from enriching the very corporate firms which have been gouging the American public, Obamacare will also function as intelligence gathering program.  This is not a left right issue.  This is corporatism at its most dangerous manifestation, fascism.  The melding of the corporate sector with that of the government is one of the most pressing issues facing us today.  We are entering into a very disturbing reality.  One in which there is no difference between the state, and those select firms which have been granted special privilege by the American government.

For more on In-Q-Tel please check out this Eye Opener report from a few years back.

Alwaki may have been CIA/FBI assest

Sibel Edmonds has brought to our attention a very puzzling and revealing aspect of our governments connections with international terrorism. In a recent article on Boiling Frogs Post, Edmonds writes about Lawyer Johanthan Turley’s request for more information on Anwar Awlaki’s possible role as an FBI/CIA informant. Turley is currently representing Ali Al-Timimi. Al Timimi is a Virginia man who is currently serving a life sentence for supporting jihad against America. Timimi met with Awlaki after the Imam returned from abroad several years ago. The response from government prosecutors pretty much answers the question as to wether or not Awlaki was an asset of the US government

“Mr. Turley has no right to know [whether the government] had an asset into Awlaki at that time. Mr. Turley has no right to know if Mr. Awlaki was an asset at that time!”

Now unfortunately the article on Boiling Frogs Post is for subscribers only, so most of you will not be able to read the full text. But this is all the more reason to subscribe to the best alternative news outlet on the planet. I will sum up some of the points made in the article, and urge you all to go and explore these for yourself.

Firstly, Sibel Edmonds notes, the all ready well established ties that Awlaki had with the Department of Defense in the wake of 9/11. Awlaki was invited to a Pentagon luncheon to talk about Islam after 9/11. Awlaki was also the first individual to conduct a Muslim prayer service for Congressional staffers. Awlaki was also the darling of the corporate controlled media, making appearances on outlets such as NPR, CNN, and the New York Times.

According to FBI documents that Turley
has viewed, as reported in an article for Politico, it is quite possible that Awlaki was acting as an asset for some government agency after returning to America from abroad, just before he met with Al Timimi. This opens up the very real possibility that Awlaki was not the terrorist mastermind that the imperial powers have painted him to be. Like many such “terrorists” in the past, Awlaki could simply have been an informant, or even possibly a double agent. This also opens up the discussion as to why Awlaki was murdered. Was this to cover up the very real possibility that he was working for the government?

If this strikes you as far fetched conspiracy theory I would suggest you read up on Ali Mohammed. Ali Mohammed’s story is long and complicated, but in a nut shell, he was a former Egyptian military official who worked for the Defense Department and CIA while simultaneously acting as Bin Laden’s confidant, helped train his body guards, and those responsible for carrying out the WTC bombing in the 90’s. At every step of the way Ali Mohammed was protected by the FBI and CIA.

We must break through this shame that has been presented to us as the war on terror. People are slowly waking up to this fallacy. The governments support for Al Qaeda in Syria has opened many minds, but more need to be done to show that everything the government says in regards to terrorism is a lie. From the Afghan Soviet war, to Chechnya, to 9/11, and everything in between, a veil of distortions has been covering our eyes. Until we have the courage to think critically, and remove ourselves from the left right paradigm, we will forever be victims of the states oppression and crimes.

Gold Baffles Bernake by James Corbett

This is an article that James Corbett just wrote of the International Forecaster, which he also edits.  I wanted to put up whole article here because in one page James Corbett is able to debunk a lot of the tired old myths about gold, and why central banks denigrate it constantly, while they are buying it up like hot cakes.  Original article here.
By James Corbett

Bloomberg launched a peculiar arrow from its quiver of propaganda this past Monday. For this one, they dug into the archives for a quotation from Chairman Ben of the Fed about how he doesn’t understand gold:

“Bernanke, who holds economics degrees from Harvard College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and led the Federal Reserve through the biggest financial disaster since the Great Depression, told the Senate Banking Committee in July that ‘nobody really understands gold prices and I don’t pretend to really understand them either.’”

This is a particularly odd (and predictably transparent) propaganda piece from the Bloomberg boys, as the quotation in question, the one that they build their whole story around, is now three months old. Why suddenly bust it out of the bag of tricks at this particular juncture? Well, to badmouth gold, of course! And just look at all those impressive degrees that the revered leader of the Debt-enslaved world has to his name, prestigious pieces of paper from Harvard and M.I.T. demonstrating his superiority over the common folk. Well, shucks, Bloomberg, I guess if Bernanke can’t figure out gold prices then no one can.

Of course, it could be that “nobody really understands gold prices” not because they inhabit some strange strata of the economic universe where the laws of economics fail to apply, but because the price is heavily manipulated from top to bottom, as has been painstakingly outlined by GATA and other organizations over the years. But that sounds like an explanation, and we can’t have that. Let’s just stick with the “nobody understands it” line and hope no one bothers to dig deeper.

The rest of the story is not much better. It goes on to detail (quite rightly) that the world’s central banks have been buying gold at a blistering pace, including 535 tons of it last year, the most central bank gold buying since 1964. But it then goes on to talk about how much value gold has lost since its September 2011 peak, and how those central banks are basically big bozos for betting big on bombing bullion. No consideration whatsoever to the idea that the central banks are preparing for an economic reality that has not been priced into gold as of yet, a future of their own making.

Could it be that central banks know something that the average day trader doesn’t about the reckoning that is due on the largest bond bubble in history, one that those self-same central banks have consciously created?

Could it be that central banks know something the talking heads don’t about the impossibility of tapering from the Fed’s QE heroin, and that the Fed is now committed to a game of chicken with the brick wall of total collapse?

Could it be that central banks of certain countries are working behind the scenes to capitalize alternative development banks and other ambitious financial projects that might form the framework of a new monetary paradigm for the 21st century, one that eschews the dollar for a basket of gold-backed BRICS currencies?

Could it be, in other words, that the central bankers really do understand that the gold price as it stands in today’s dollar denomination represents a prime buying opportunity?

No, that can’t be right. After all, if that were the case then I’m sure we could all rely on Chairman Ben to tell us so and the good folks at Bloomberg to reliably report it. Right?

Extraordinary rendition in the age of “Hope and Change”


Remember back when the neocons in the Bush regime illegally abducted people, many with no real connections to Al Qaeda, and transported them to our imperial colonies to be tortured? Obama certainty does. One of his main campaign platforms was to put an end to this barbaric practice. Well it seems that Barry has tweaked this practice, as he is oft to do with Bush era practices. On October 5th US special forces kidnapped Abu Anas al Libi, an alleged Al Qaeda operative, and are now holding and torturing him on board the USS San Antonio. Since the USS San Antonio is in international waters the laws regarding torture and illegal detention do not apply.

Al Libi is being tortured for his alleged role in the 1998 embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. As Marcy Wheeler points out, this was 15 years ago. So what intelligence could Al Libi possibly have on the amorphous Al Qaeda? Furthermore most active jihadists and al Libi’s wife claim that he has not been an operational member of Al Qaeda is years. The fact that al Libi has been openly living in Libya poses another interesting question; why now? Since murdering Gaddafi and colonizing Libya, the imperial regime in Washington could at anytime have asked the Libyan government to hand over a man who has been living openly in the North African country. Yet instead they decide to send in the special forces and abduct him. This is all theater designed to brainwash the public into believing that the war on terror is still a threat to our way of life. It diverts attention away from certain issues that the Obama regime would prefer we didn’t focus on, i.e. NSA spying, CIA funding of Al Qaeda, and so forth. Obama and his thugs can stand tall and pretend that they are protecting us from the menace of Islamic terrorism, while they continue to terrorize the Islamic world. This tactic of interrogation at sea is also another way for the Obama regime to falsely claim that they don’t just drone terrorists. That instead they try to capture them when they can. They have used the case of Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame as an example of this method. If Abu Ana’s al Libi is the terrorist mastermind Washington would have us believe why was he not sent to New York to stand trial? Why is he instead being held illegally in a location more secretive than Guantanamo Bay?

The putrid little scumbag known as John Kerry offered up this little gem in regards to the abduction of Al Libi

I hope the perception is in the world that people who commit acts of terror and who have been appropriately indicted by courts of law, by the legal process, will know that the United States of America is going to do anything in its power that is legal and appropriate in order to enforce the law and to protect our security,
via RT

Clearly Kerry is a complete psychopath. He has absolutely no regards for the rule of law. If he did then he would not be fine with kidnapping a a man in a foreign country, whisking him away to a naval ship, holding him incommunicado with out a lawyer or being mirandized, and torturing him for information. I suppose that if the Yemenis government legally decided through their court system that John Kerry and Barack Obama were guilty of murdering women and children with drones, it would completely be in their right to go to Washington, put black bags over heads and send them to a dungeon for “interrogation.”

Obama and Kerry will continue providing aid to nations using child soldiers


The government shutdown isn’t going to stop the White House from providing military aid to nations that employ child solders. Obama and Kerry waived provisions in the Child Soldiers Prevention Act of 2008, to allow them to provide military aid to Yemen, South Sudan, Chad, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read the full article from RT here.

Re-defining war in the age of “Hope and Change”

Barak Obama-United States-Politics
War has changed under our current presidential psychopath. The Nobel Peace prize winning warmonger, Barack “kill list” Obama, has pushed through and solidified a war doctrine that would have made even the neocons of the Bush regime blush. Amidst the flurry of drum beats for the destruction of Syria, a simple and profound aspect has been left out of the discussion amongst the chattering class in Washington DC.
Is it the fact that all the intelligence evidence actually points to the foreign backed rebels/jihadists as the true perpetrators of the recent chemical weapons attack? Of course not. Who cares about the facts? Certainly not Samantha Power or the other humanitarian interventionists pushing for war. Perhaps then it’s the fact that there is near unanimity amongst the intelligence community, both active and retired, that the evidence is being fabricated or manipulated to serve the interests of the globalists? Sadly this is not the case either. Ah, it must be the  illegality of carrying out military action against a sovereign nation that poses no threat to America without UN authorization, right? Wrong again. Perhaps it is the notion that Obama thought congress should be allowed to debate war against Syria, despite the constitutional dictate that Congress be the ultimate decision maker when it ones to declaring war against a sovereign nation. Well I’m sure  you know the answer to that one as well.
What I am referring to is the fundamentally perverse doctrine that Obama has now used several times since being installed as puppet ruler of Amerika; no boots on the ground equals no act of war. Leaving aside the boots of the CIA and JSOC, that have been all over the Syrian ground, the belief in Washington that bombing a nation with the most sophisticated military hardware in the know universe is not an act of war is the most recent machination to have been thought up by the globalist deep state.  It is true that presidents have used this doctrine of military murder before to carry out strikes against nations and groups in the past. But the puppet masters of Obama have developed this to such a level that the average person no longer sees bombing another nation as an act of war. The brutal drone campaign that has spread into Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and even the Philippines constitutes an act of war in four different nations which pose no real external threat to America. Yet with robots in the sky there is no war. Obamas war in Libya marked an even more aggressive version of the “no boots no war” doctrine. Thousands of missiles and bombs fell on a largely defenseless population while the liberals in the White House proclaimed to the world that there was no war against the nation of Libya. Can one imagine if Iran decided to launch military strikes against Israel in order to help Hamas gain control of the country? There would be an unending stream of blather all over Washington and the corporate media about this illegal war of aggression against the state of Israel.
When America contemplates bombing chemical weapons facilities, which of course would result in the dispersal of the same chemicals we are trying to stop being used against innocent people, this is considered humanitarian intervention and not war. There were no Japanese boots on the ground in Pearl Harbor. Yet the air attack on Pearl Harbor still constituted an act of war. This same principle applies to the imminent bombing of Syria.  No where in Congress or in the mainstream media is this even mentioned. Instead it has become accepted that America can launch massive air strike that vaporize people and whole regions with out having to call it war. By redefining the definition of war in America the elites have made it possible for the warfare state to continue on in perpetuity.  More and more conflicts are on the horizon under this current warfare state. By re-defining the very definition of war the state grants themselves carte Blanche to carry out whatever violent and horrific act it so desires.
War does not have to mean individuals shooting at each other from fixed positions on terra firma. War can certainly be defined as a brutal air campaign involving thousands of bombs and missiles raining down from the heavens onto a sovereign country. Do not be fooled by the puppet masters who sit in the imperial capital. There is a great war starting very soon. It will begin in Syria but it will not end there. It will engulf not just the entire region but the world itself. We has human beings can not stand on the sidelines and pretend that an act of war is some form of charity. This is not intended as a call for better politicians who will follow the constitution. Clearly electing the constitutional lawyer of hope and change has only brought us misery and death. This is intended as a call for all human beings to wake up from the matrix that has been constructed to control you. Wake up and see what the people you “elect” are capable of.  It is only when we resist not just the warfare state but the state itself that we will truly be free.

Porkins Policy Radio Episode 3 “Democracy Egyptian Style”

Download PPR episode 3

Show notes:

1954-1970: CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood ally to oppose Egyptian president Nasser

Western intelligence and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood

The truth about the Muslim Brotherhood

History: How the Us installed a proxy “Brotherhood” government in Egypt

US bankrolled Anti-Morsi activists: US money trail to Egyptian groups that pressed for presidents removal

Its offical: “Arab Spring” subversion is US funded

Google’s revolution factory

2011- Year of the dupe

Egypt’s Elbaradei: Con-man in chief?

Was Washington behind Egypt’s coup d’etat?

America’s plan B in Egypt: bring back the old regime

America and he generals in Egypt moved against Morsi to prevent a popular revolution

Egypt’s army chief El-Sissi trained at US Army War College

Hagel contacts Egyptian general now in charge

Who is the new Egyptian intelligence minister

Fomenting civil war in Egypt


The Association “Along comes Mary”

Terrence Parker “Emancipation of my soul”

Humanitarian intervention Al Nusra style

A new video has emerged of Al Nusra fighters beheading two Christians, including a priest, somewhere with in Syria.

This of course is just one video in a litany of videos coming out a Syria depicting the “rebels” committing brutal acts of violence. It’s obvious from the YouTube video that many of these “rebels” are not in fact Syrian or even Arab. Instead we see men, and children possibly as young as three, who appear to be from Central Asia or the Caucus region. Yet again, this video demonstrates the complete delusion among those who continue to portray the war in Syria as some sort of struggle between the good Syrian rebels and the evil Assad regime. Instead this is a struggle to destabilize the nation of Syria on behalf of America, Israel, Qatar, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, so as to reshape the Middle East to benefit there desired goals of global hegemony. When Obama and other tyrants pledge money and arms to “rebels” these are the people they are talking about. To spite the corporate medias attempts to rewrite history, many are now aware of the strong connections between the U.S. government and Islamic terrorists such as Al Qaeda. As was the case in Afghanistan in the 1980’s history repeats it self here in Syria; with the CIA taking the lead in funding and training their Jihadist assets in the Muslim world.

Some of the global imperialists have even publicly acknowledged there love of Al Qaeda and their ilk. Chief among them is the blood thirsty Arizona senator John McCain, who before meeting with terrorists in Syria, told Charlie Rose that such acts as depicted in the above video we’re “isolated incidents of people who have just gotten so battle-hardened and angry and this happens in warfare.” He went even further when he said he would prefer some sort of Wahabbist Al Qaeda government taking power in Syria because they wouldn’t be allied to Iran and Hezbollah. Straight from the warmongers mouth. The fight in Syria has nothing do do with democracy or humanitarian relief. It has everything to do with the destruction of Syria by means of Islamic terrorist proxy armies so as to control the Middle East.

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