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BFP Roundtable: Graham’s So-Called Smoking Gun, Saudi Arabia & Yemen

FULL DISCLOSURE: I am no longer associated with Sibel Edmond, or BoilingFrogs/Newsbud. I think she is a con-artist and a petty and vindictive individual. If you want to know more about why I broke off all ties with Sibel you can find out more here:

From Boiling Frogs Post:

In this introductory episode Sibel Edmonds, Guillermo Jimenez and Pearse Redmond introduce the new BFP Roundtable Season and discuss new ideas and possibilities for coming shows. From there the panel quickly moves on to its first topic: Senator Graham’s so-called smoking gun (The infamous redacted 28-pages), the possible reasons for and timing of this old pickled issue’s circulation, in conjunction with the Saudi Arabia-Yemen angle and connections. The panel heatedly debunks more than one widespread spin used by mainstream and pseudo-alternative media outlets in reporting Saudi Arabia’s assault on Yemen with the carefully-designed Iran element. And finally, the panel invites BFP activist community members to join and expand this discussion and provide their ideas for coming roundtable discussion topics.

*This is our introductory episode for the new BFP Roundtable season. The coming episodes will be here at Boiling Frogs Post, and will be available only to BFP activist members. You can subscribe and join our community here.

ClandesTime 044 Homeland Season 4

From Spy Culture:

“Once more my good friend Pearse Redmond of Porkins Policy Radio joined me to discuss the latest series of Homeland, the CIA’s pet TV project. We looked at how the show has been rebooted in this season, with a much more aggressive and ambitious purpose both in mythologizing past events and predicting future ones. From 9/11 to the ISIS beheadings to drone strikes to The Lone Gladio, this is typically wide ranging conversation on one of the most important shows currently on TV.”

Download ClandesTime 044

For Show notes and more please visit Spy Culture.

Prominent German journalist admits to being puppet of CIA

A prominent German journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, has admitted to acting as tool of CIA in its never ending quest to control public opinion.  The former editor of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (one of Germany’s leading daily newspapers) referred to himself as one of many journalists who worked for the agency under “non-official cover.”  He knowingly printed stories he knew to be false that came directly from CIA talking points.  He revealed this information to Russia Today because he felt that war with Russia is becoming ever more likely, and that he no longer wanted to take part in fomenting this anti-Russian, pro-war hatred.  For more on the story please check out this recent Washington’s Blog article.

Eric Harroun the “American Jihadist” dies suddenly


Eric Harroun, the 31-year-old former US Army soldier who fought in Syria, has died suddenly of an apparent drug overdose. Harroun made international headlines with his constant stream of videos from inside Syria, praising the rebels, denouncing Assad and taking part in the fighting.

Ignored in the corporate media, and glorified in the pseudo-alternative media, is that both Harroun and his father claimed he worked for the CIA.
Harroun even went so far as to say that the CIA told him where in Turkey he could procure weapons.

To some degree this parallels the subject of our most recent podcast; CIA mercenary Mathew VanDyke. This is especially apparent by both VanDyke and Harroun’s vocal admiration for John McCain. The two stories diverge in that VanDyke has been praised openly in America, while Harroun was prosecuted by the FBI. This begs the question: why?

As of now there are too few details with to go from. In theory the autopsy should tell us more about how his death occurred. Unfortunately, in these sorts of cases the autopsy generally comes to the conclusion that the government wishes it to. If one had to speculate, though, it seems as if Harroun might have been the sacrificial lamb. Increasing evidence pointing to America’s involvement in funding radical groups in Syria and the moderate rebels’ alignment with them has forced the US to portray themselves as opposing these elements. By going after Harroun the power elite can pretend to the public that they are still committed to combating international terrorism. Simultaneously, they can funnel arms and money into the hands of groups such as Al Nusra. This type of selective enforcement raises questions about how and why Harroun suddenly died. Complicating this matter further is the plea deal that Harroun signed which allowed him to escape a possible sentence of life in prison for three years probation and a one hundred dollar fine. We will of course continue to report on any developments in the sudden death of Eric Harroun.

Company managing data collection for funded by CIA

It turns out there is yet another reason to be fearful of Obamacare.  The company in charge of managing the massive troves of personal information being collected received substantial funding from the CIA’s venture capital firm known as In-Q-Tel.  In-Q-tel was formed in 1999 with the express role of funding tech companies whose products also serve an intelligence function.  In-Q-Tel is famous for providing seed money to Keyhole Inc., which would later be bought up by Google so they could establish Google Earth.  This time around the company in question is Socrata.  Socrata is a cloud software company which will be handling all of the personal data that all Americans will be required to give when signing up for Obamacare.  This will include place of residence, social security number, bank account numbers, medical history, place of employment, income, military background, immigration status, criminal record, email addresses, and phone numbers.  All of this data will then be made available to the CIA and all other alphabet soup agencies operating in the United States.  Aside from enriching the very corporate firms which have been gouging the American public, Obamacare will also function as intelligence gathering program.  This is not a left right issue.  This is corporatism at its most dangerous manifestation, fascism.  The melding of the corporate sector with that of the government is one of the most pressing issues facing us today.  We are entering into a very disturbing reality.  One in which there is no difference between the state, and those select firms which have been granted special privilege by the American government.

For more on In-Q-Tel please check out this Eye Opener report from a few years back.

CIA dips it’s toes into children’s entertainment

If you didn’t think the CIA could be anymore despicable in their campaign to present themselves to the world as “cool” and “good” I would suggest you watch the above video. I came across it while listening to the latest episode of ClandesTime. This bizarre video featuring a cartoonish talking dog is obviously aimed at indoctrinating children into believing that a clandestine private government army that assassinates people, overthrows governments, and traffics narcotics is really cute and funny. I’m not quite sure how many children that find talking dogs awesome are also looking up information pertaining to the CIA. If you weren’t already aware, the CIA has a robust entertainment liaison office that works very closely with the entertainment industry. Tom Secker and Arron Franz hypothesized that perhaps this was the CIA’s first venture into children’s entertainment. If that is true we are living in very strange and dangerous times.

Porkins Policy Radio Episode 1 “Boston Bombing and the CIA connection”

Podcast correction: I misspoke when talking about Imam Gulen’s charter schools in the United States.  I said that he operated thousands of schools.  He actually operates over a hundred.  Sorry for that gross mischaracterization.

As I said in the podcast there is a lot of information here.  The show notes provide all of the articles that I discussed in the podcast.  I have also provided some really excellent resource pages on Graham Fuller and Imam Gulen for those interested.  And for anyone that truly wants to understand the reality of the “war on terror” and how it functions I have provided a link to an incredible interview series between James Corbett and Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B.

Show Notes:

Uncle Ruslan press conference

Was Boston bombers ‘Uncle Ruslan’ with the CIA?

USAID spying on Latin American leaders

Boston bombers ‘Uncle Ruslan’ was Halliburton contractor

Boston bombers uncle married daughter of top CIA offical

The Tsarnaevs and the CIA: Who is Graham Fuller

Graham Fuller think piece lays ground work for Iran Contra

‘Uncle Ruslan’ aided terrorists from CIA official’s home

The Tsarnaevs and the CIA – Part 2: Who is Brian Glyn Williams

Tamerlan Tsarnaev attends Jamestown Foundation workshop

Uncle Ruslan still works for USAID

Two FBI agents involved in Boston investigation fall out of helicopter

FBI shoots and kills Ibragim Todashev

Yet another explanation for the killing of Ibragim Todashev

Resource pages:

Graham Fuller  Fethullah Gulen resource page

Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett on Gladio B


LTJ Bukem “Atlantis”

CZR Chicago Southside

US considers drones strikes in Syria

According to the government stenographers at the LA Times the CIA is in the process of setting up a drone program in Syria.  You can basically hear the CIA officers dictating what to say to the “journalists”.  This marks the third such “exclusive” by a western news outlet purporting to show the links between the rebels/foreign terrorists in Syria and America and Europe.  The Guardian recently reported that the the French, British and American government were arming and training rebels in Jordan to go and fight in Syria.  Of course anyone who reads the alternative media already knew that this was the case a long time ago.  Sibel Edmonds and James Corbett reported on the West training and arming militants in Jordan 15 months before the Guardian and Der Spiel were instructed by foreign intelligence agencies to report it.  True to form as a collaborator in the Western imperialist campaign, the LA Times frames the new drone program as a contingency plan to safeguard America from Al Qaeda and “extremists” operating in Syria.  Alas this is just cover for America and Western Europe’s imperialist crusade against the rest of the world.

For an article without western spin I would read this one from RT.

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