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Eric Harroun the “American Jihadist” dies suddenly


Eric Harroun, the 31-year-old former US Army soldier who fought in Syria, has died suddenly of an apparent drug overdose. Harroun made international headlines with his constant stream of videos from inside Syria, praising the rebels, denouncing Assad and taking part in the fighting.

Ignored in the corporate media, and glorified in the pseudo-alternative media, is that both Harroun and his father claimed he worked for the CIA.
Harroun even went so far as to say that the CIA told him where in Turkey he could procure weapons.

To some degree this parallels the subject of our most recent podcast; CIA mercenary Mathew VanDyke. This is especially apparent by both VanDyke and Harroun’s vocal admiration for John McCain. The two stories diverge in that VanDyke has been praised openly in America, while Harroun was prosecuted by the FBI. This begs the question: why?

As of now there are too few details with to go from. In theory the autopsy should tell us more about how his death occurred. Unfortunately, in these sorts of cases the autopsy generally comes to the conclusion that the government wishes it to. If one had to speculate, though, it seems as if Harroun might have been the sacrificial lamb. Increasing evidence pointing to America’s involvement in funding radical groups in Syria and the moderate rebels’ alignment with them has forced the US to portray themselves as opposing these elements. By going after Harroun the power elite can pretend to the public that they are still committed to combating international terrorism. Simultaneously, they can funnel arms and money into the hands of groups such as Al Nusra. This type of selective enforcement raises questions about how and why Harroun suddenly died. Complicating this matter further is the plea deal that Harroun signed which allowed him to escape a possible sentence of life in prison for three years probation and a one hundred dollar fine. We will of course continue to report on any developments in the sudden death of Eric Harroun.

Porkins Policy Radio ep. 19 Mathew Van Dyke: The CIA’s Favorite Mercenary

On this week’s episode we expose the bizarre character know as Mathew VanDyke.  VanDyke is a former journalist who became America’s best know “freedom fighter” in Libya during the 2011 NATO war.  After returning home from the fighting Van Dyke rose to prominence again with his pro-rebel propaganda film on Syria, Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution.  We trace VanDyke’s history through out the Middle East and show how he is most likely some form of CIA asset and mercenary.  In this podcast we also expose some key details which Van Dyke tried his hardest to conceal, including his knowledge that Syrian rebels had chemical weapons, that despite his claims to the contrary he is in fact a paid mercenary, and much more.  Mathew Van Dyke represents a new breed of pro-war propagandists who deserve to be shown for who they are.

Download PPR episode 19

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