CIA dips it’s toes into children’s entertainment

If you didn’t think the CIA could be anymore despicable in their campaign to present themselves to the world as “cool” and “good” I would suggest you watch the above video. I came across it while listening to the latest episode of ClandesTime. This bizarre video featuring a cartoonish talking dog is obviously aimed at indoctrinating children into believing that a clandestine private government army that assassinates people, overthrows governments, and traffics narcotics is really cute and funny. I’m not quite sure how many children that find talking dogs awesome are also looking up information pertaining to the CIA. If you weren’t already aware, the CIA has a robust entertainment liaison office that works very closely with the entertainment industry. Tom Secker and Arron Franz hypothesized that perhaps this was the CIA’s first venture into children’s entertainment. If that is true we are living in very strange and dangerous times.

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