Gold Baffles Bernake by James Corbett

This is an article that James Corbett just wrote of the International Forecaster, which he also edits.  I wanted to put up whole article here because in one page James Corbett is able to debunk a lot of the tired old myths about gold, and why central banks denigrate it constantly, while they are buying it up like hot cakes.  Original article here.
By James Corbett

Bloomberg launched a peculiar arrow from its quiver of propaganda this past Monday. For this one, they dug into the archives for a quotation from Chairman Ben of the Fed about how he doesn’t understand gold:

“Bernanke, who holds economics degrees from Harvard College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and led the Federal Reserve through the biggest financial disaster since the Great Depression, told the Senate Banking Committee in July that ‘nobody really understands gold prices and I don’t pretend to really understand them either.’”

This is a particularly odd (and predictably transparent) propaganda piece from the Bloomberg boys, as the quotation in question, the one that they build their whole story around, is now three months old. Why suddenly bust it out of the bag of tricks at this particular juncture? Well, to badmouth gold, of course! And just look at all those impressive degrees that the revered leader of the Debt-enslaved world has to his name, prestigious pieces of paper from Harvard and M.I.T. demonstrating his superiority over the common folk. Well, shucks, Bloomberg, I guess if Bernanke can’t figure out gold prices then no one can.

Of course, it could be that “nobody really understands gold prices” not because they inhabit some strange strata of the economic universe where the laws of economics fail to apply, but because the price is heavily manipulated from top to bottom, as has been painstakingly outlined by GATA and other organizations over the years. But that sounds like an explanation, and we can’t have that. Let’s just stick with the “nobody understands it” line and hope no one bothers to dig deeper.

The rest of the story is not much better. It goes on to detail (quite rightly) that the world’s central banks have been buying gold at a blistering pace, including 535 tons of it last year, the most central bank gold buying since 1964. But it then goes on to talk about how much value gold has lost since its September 2011 peak, and how those central banks are basically big bozos for betting big on bombing bullion. No consideration whatsoever to the idea that the central banks are preparing for an economic reality that has not been priced into gold as of yet, a future of their own making.

Could it be that central banks know something that the average day trader doesn’t about the reckoning that is due on the largest bond bubble in history, one that those self-same central banks have consciously created?

Could it be that central banks know something the talking heads don’t about the impossibility of tapering from the Fed’s QE heroin, and that the Fed is now committed to a game of chicken with the brick wall of total collapse?

Could it be that central banks of certain countries are working behind the scenes to capitalize alternative development banks and other ambitious financial projects that might form the framework of a new monetary paradigm for the 21st century, one that eschews the dollar for a basket of gold-backed BRICS currencies?

Could it be, in other words, that the central bankers really do understand that the gold price as it stands in today’s dollar denomination represents a prime buying opportunity?

No, that can’t be right. After all, if that were the case then I’m sure we could all rely on Chairman Ben to tell us so and the good folks at Bloomberg to reliably report it. Right?

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