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Porkins Policy Radio episode 128 Tom Secker on SEEX and A Tribute to Robert Parry

Good friend Tom Secker joins me today in the first hour for an in-depth discussion of the Science and Entertainment Exchange (SEEX). Tom explains what this little know pseudo-govenment NGO is, and how they have been quietly assisting over 1,300 Hollywood films. We talk about their connection to the National Academy of Sciences and their connection to the state. Tom then discusses their stated aim: to assist Hollywood in depicting accurate science, and the promotion of science and scientists. Tom and I then explore how this is not quite an accurate assessment of their work. We talk about the huge influence that they have on Hollywood productions, including changing aspects of the script and promoting was amounts to science fiction. Tom discusses SEEX’s involvement in Thor, how they made Natalie Portman’s character an astrophysicist and then created a whole add campaign designed around her. We also discuss SEEX’s strange idealized Hollywood depiction of scientists as rich and beautiful. Tom talks about how SEEX seems to have drank the Hollywood kool-aid. We talk about how Science and Entertainment Exchange promotes “cool” scientists over actual science. Later we discuss SEEX’s close relationship with both the Pentagon and the CIA. Tom and I lay out the theory that the Pentagon is simply using SEEX as a front to push a technocratic transhumanist agenda. We finish off the hour talking about why more attention should be paid to SEEX and the work they are doing.

In the second hour I talk about the untimely deaths of musician Mark E. Smith and author Ursala K. Le Guin. I then move onto the passing of investigative journalist Robert Parry. I talk about the tremendous work that Parry did on Iran-Contra and the 1980 October Surprise. I discuss why the loss of Parry is so significant given the sad state of journalism today. I also touch on Prop Or Not’s nasty attack on Parry. I end the show talking about Trump’s upcoming State of the Union and what we should keep an eye out for in his speech.

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Show Notes:

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Science and Entertainment Exchange

Robert Parry’s Legacy and the Future of Consortium News

The CIA and Hollywood episode 5 The Social Network

Thomas Sheridan joins us to talk about the 2010 film The Social Network, which tells the story of the origins of facebook.  We discuss the class struggle portrayed in the story, the mechanism by which the film could have been influenced by the CIA, the archetypes in the finely-produced melodrama that plays out, the CIA’s silicon valley network which is conspicuous by its absence from the narrative, and the meaning of the movie’s dark and brooding tone.  We also get into some unusual areas, including the mystery of the sub sandwich.

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Show Notes:

The Social Network (2010)

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The Edward Snowden Movie


Our good friend Tom Secker has recently launched a brand new website called Humanarchy.  The site deals with both philosophy and politics, and like all of Tom’s work, will prove to be very interesting and worth your time.  The above video is the first open source intelligence broadcast.  It deals with the upcoming propaganda film based on Glenn Greenwald’s new book detailing his relationship with Snowden and the leaking of documents he acquired from the so-called whistle blower.  As with all of Tom’s work he presents a concise and informative piece that details what is really going on.  For the sources that Tom references and more click here.

Company managing data collection for Healthcare.gov funded by CIA

It turns out there is yet another reason to be fearful of Obamacare.  The company in charge of managing the massive troves of personal information being collected received substantial funding from the CIA’s venture capital firm known as In-Q-Tel.  In-Q-tel was formed in 1999 with the express role of funding tech companies whose products also serve an intelligence function.  In-Q-Tel is famous for providing seed money to Keyhole Inc., which would later be bought up by Google so they could establish Google Earth.  This time around the company in question is Socrata.  Socrata is a cloud software company which will be handling all of the personal data that all Americans will be required to give when signing up for Obamacare.  This will include place of residence, social security number, bank account numbers, medical history, place of employment, income, military background, immigration status, criminal record, email addresses, and phone numbers.  All of this data will then be made available to the CIA and all other alphabet soup agencies operating in the United States.  Aside from enriching the very corporate firms which have been gouging the American public, Obamacare will also function as intelligence gathering program.  This is not a left right issue.  This is corporatism at its most dangerous manifestation, fascism.  The melding of the corporate sector with that of the government is one of the most pressing issues facing us today.  We are entering into a very disturbing reality.  One in which there is no difference between the state, and those select firms which have been granted special privilege by the American government.

For more on In-Q-Tel please check out this Eye Opener report from a few years back.

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