Company managing data collection for funded by CIA

It turns out there is yet another reason to be fearful of Obamacare.  The company in charge of managing the massive troves of personal information being collected received substantial funding from the CIA’s venture capital firm known as In-Q-Tel.  In-Q-tel was formed in 1999 with the express role of funding tech companies whose products also serve an intelligence function.  In-Q-Tel is famous for providing seed money to Keyhole Inc., which would later be bought up by Google so they could establish Google Earth.  This time around the company in question is Socrata.  Socrata is a cloud software company which will be handling all of the personal data that all Americans will be required to give when signing up for Obamacare.  This will include place of residence, social security number, bank account numbers, medical history, place of employment, income, military background, immigration status, criminal record, email addresses, and phone numbers.  All of this data will then be made available to the CIA and all other alphabet soup agencies operating in the United States.  Aside from enriching the very corporate firms which have been gouging the American public, Obamacare will also function as intelligence gathering program.  This is not a left right issue.  This is corporatism at its most dangerous manifestation, fascism.  The melding of the corporate sector with that of the government is one of the most pressing issues facing us today.  We are entering into a very disturbing reality.  One in which there is no difference between the state, and those select firms which have been granted special privilege by the American government.

For more on In-Q-Tel please check out this Eye Opener report from a few years back.

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