Four men arrested in connection to Westgate attack

Kenyan authorities have arrested four Somali citizens due to their alleged connections to your perpetrators of the Westgate attack. Mohamed Ahmed Abdi, Liban Abdullah Omar, Hussein Hassan Mustafah, and Adan Dheq appeared in court today to plead not guilty. It’s important to note that these four were not at Westgate, nor did they participate in any direct way with the attack. Instead they are being charged with “harboring terror suspects” and “illegally registering as a Kenyan.” For whatever reason the White Widow, Samantha Lewthwaite, was not mentioned in any press releases on the court proceedings. Now presumably if she was one of the masterminds behind this attack she to would have needed shelter before the Westgate operation. For now it seems that those calling the shots would prefer our attention to focused on these four Somalis.

The Kenyan government is still claiming that there were only four gunmen in Westgate, not the dozens that were initially reported. They are still sticking to their story that all of them died. Little if any reall information has been released about these four individuals. Who are they? How did they get the arms into the mall? How did the die? Instead blame will most likely be heaped on these four Somali men and the investigation will fade into the background. Dead men tell no tales. Ultimately we will never get the full picture of what really transpired there in Nairobi. Don’t be surprised if these men are convicted and left to rot in jail with no further calls for investigation.

With so little information actually being presented to use we really need to critically examine these recent arrests. Under our current political paradigm the average person no longer understands the concept of innocent until proven guilty. This is most visible when it comes to cases involving terrorism. If you peruse Twitter or other social media sites you can see this first hand with tons of individuals tweeting that those responsible for the attack have been detained. We know nothing about these four individuals other than the assertion by the Kenyan government that they were involved. One brief article in a mainstream publication is all people need to convince themselves that the culprits have been caught and the case is over. Forget about all your underlying issues with Westgate. Force those thoughts into the memory hole and go back obsessing about the “alternative” messiah Russell Brand, or whatever other idiot we are presented with as the key to our salvation. Pay close attention to the court proceedings of these four men, and pay even closer attention to what is not being presented by the Kenyan authorities.

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