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Porkins Policy Radio episode 24 Who is Samantha Lewthwaite?

This week’s episode was a long time in the making, but it is one that I am especially proud of.  I had on Tom Secker and Jon Ryman to discuss Jon’s superb film White Widow- The Samantha Lewthwaite Conspiracy.  I would encourage everyone to go and watch the film first, as there is so much detail that Jon goes into.  The three of us discuss the origins of Samatha Lewthwaite; from her birth in Northern Ireland during the troubles, to her “conversion” to Islam and subsequent betrothal to 7/7 bomber Germain Lindsay, and later to her supposed place of importance with in Al Shabab in Somalia.  We explore the notion that Lewthawaite may not have ever been in Kenya, one of her alleged bases of operations, and instead may be part of a much larger and complex intelligence operations.  We also discuss the Westgate shopping mall attack and how Lewthawaite was erroneously connected to it, as well as the geopolitical implications of the recent uptick in violence in Kenya and the African continent in general.  We round of the conversation with a look at how the War on Terror has blurred fiction and reality.  This is another long podcast that deals with a subject that is little understood and deserves more attention.

Download PPR episode 24

Show Notes:

White Widow – The Samantha Lewthwaite Conspiracy

Porkins Policy Radio episode 5 “What really happened at Westgate?

ClandesTime episode 003 – Massacre in Kenya

ClandesTime episode 006 The War on Terror Chapter XVIII

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Samantha Lewthwaite marries on the run in lawless Somalia



Frankie Knuckles – “The Whistle Song”

Soft Cell – “Tainted Love”

NYPD report on Westgate confirms several “conspiracy theories”

Our good friend Tom Secker recently emailed me about a new report put out by the NYPD on the Westgate Mall attack. The report is entirely open source intelligence and paints a picture eerily similar to what we talked about on ClandesTime as well as my own podcast. Here are just a few snippets that I found particularly interesting:

-Allegedly there were only 4 Al Shabab militants in the mall

-They left a full two days earlier than what the Kenyan authorities reported

-Most of the confrontation was between various different sets of Kenyan security services chasing each other around the mall

-The numerous plain clothes police present at the attack were only armed with pistols and one clip of ammunition.

-The plain clothes police had no identification or markings on them that would have identified them as police.  This made it very difficult for Kenyan military to tell them apart from Al Shabab militants

-There were in fact several westerners and private citizens in the mall who were armed and assisted the Kenyan security services

–There is no proof that Samantha Lewthwaite a.k.a. The White Widow was present at the mall

There is much more in this report so I would suggest that you take some time and go through it.

Four men arrested in connection to Westgate attack

Kenyan authorities have arrested four Somali citizens due to their alleged connections to your perpetrators of the Westgate attack. Mohamed Ahmed Abdi, Liban Abdullah Omar, Hussein Hassan Mustafah, and Adan Dheq appeared in court today to plead not guilty. It’s important to note that these four were not at Westgate, nor did they participate in any direct way with the attack. Instead they are being charged with “harboring terror suspects” and “illegally registering as a Kenyan.” For whatever reason the White Widow, Samantha Lewthwaite, was not mentioned in any press releases on the court proceedings. Now presumably if she was one of the masterminds behind this attack she to would have needed shelter before the Westgate operation. For now it seems that those calling the shots would prefer our attention to focused on these four Somalis.

The Kenyan government is still claiming that there were only four gunmen in Westgate, not the dozens that were initially reported. They are still sticking to their story that all of them died. Little if any reall information has been released about these four individuals. Who are they? How did they get the arms into the mall? How did the die? Instead blame will most likely be heaped on these four Somali men and the investigation will fade into the background. Dead men tell no tales. Ultimately we will never get the full picture of what really transpired there in Nairobi. Don’t be surprised if these men are convicted and left to rot in jail with no further calls for investigation.

With so little information actually being presented to use we really need to critically examine these recent arrests. Under our current political paradigm the average person no longer understands the concept of innocent until proven guilty. This is most visible when it comes to cases involving terrorism. If you peruse Twitter or other social media sites you can see this first hand with tons of individuals tweeting that those responsible for the attack have been detained. We know nothing about these four individuals other than the assertion by the Kenyan government that they were involved. One brief article in a mainstream publication is all people need to convince themselves that the culprits have been caught and the case is over. Forget about all your underlying issues with Westgate. Force those thoughts into the memory hole and go back obsessing about the “alternative” messiah Russell Brand, or whatever other idiot we are presented with as the key to our salvation. Pay close attention to the court proceedings of these four men, and pay even closer attention to what is not being presented by the Kenyan authorities.

Samantha Lewthwaite’s “Ode to Bin Laden”



Tom Secker recently sent me this article on Samantha Lewthwaite which I found extremely odd.  So apparently Samantha Lewthwaite is also a poet.  The alleged terrorist mastermind is said to have written this poem in 2011 on the laptop that was allegedly discovered in the alleged bomb factory that she allegedly ran in Mombasa Kenya.  Now how is it that after two years of having access to this laptop the security services seem to have just discovered this information?  Do we even know if this was really discovered on the computer, or simply fabricated to further inflate the narrative of the White Widow?  We don’t, which is why I would caution anyone from jumping to any serious conclusions about this recent “discovery.”  In my opinion, which is purely speculative, this is yet another attempt by the security state to draw our attention away from what really happened at Westgate, as well as the new reincarnation of the war on terror, and to instead have us focus entirely on this cartoon character of a terrorist.  This concept of Samantha Lewthwaite continually thwarting efforts to capture her, while simultaneously coordinating complex military style assaults on shopping centers, is about as believable as a six and half foot tall Saudi with dialysis hiding out in a cave in Afghanistan directing the most sophisticated terror operation to date.  Below is the alleged poem penned by Lewthwaite.

Ode to Bin Laden

Oh sheik osama my father, my brother
My love for you is like no other
Oh Sheik Osama now that you are gone
The muslims must wake up they must be strong
I know that you are in a better place
That Allah has bestowed upon you grace.
Us we are left to continue what you started.
To seek the victory until we are martyred.
To instill terror into kuffar.
Until the world is governed by la illaha illala.
Oh sheik osama no this for true
My heart will not find peace until all muslims do.
Everything you had you gave for Allah
No surrender will take us all far.
Your life an example of how we should be.
Oh Muslims listen to our beloved sheik’s words
Let not his struggle and efforts go unheard
Revive what he started and strive to success
Then maybe we can be raised with the best.
Oh sheik Osama we are jealous of you to be of those who the promise is true
The promise is truth which is binding if only we knew
Verily Allah has purchased the lives of the believers that theirs shall be paradise.
They fight in Allahs cause, so they kill and are killed.
It is a promise binding on Allah in taurat, injill and Qur’an
And who is truer to his covenant than Allah?
As for our enemies our words will be less.
You picked the wrong army to contest.
Al Qaeda are stronger and fiercer than ever.
Thinking in the end you are stupid it will NEVER
Be over until the day that we see our lands returned and governed by He Allah the almighty, whose law is complete.
So make your plans and He is the best of planners.
Their was no victory for you Mr Obama, the honour is his on martyred Osama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Westgate update: Al Shabab member Kenyan speical forces, people missing, and intelligence failures

It has now been revealed that one of the ringleaders behind the Westgate mall attack was in fact a former member of the Kenyan special forces.  According to media reports only his first name is know.   Umayar was born in Nairobi to a Christian family, and was said to have left Kenya in 2005 to join Al Shabab in Somalia.  While he was a member of Al Shabab it is reported that he taught boxing and martial arts.  As of yet the Kenyan government has revealed few if any details about the alleged attackers.  There are still 23 people who are missing form the Westgate attack.  So as is the custom when events of this nature occur, the Kenyan state and intelligence services are asking for more money and power,  The National Intelligence Service (NIS) is pleading to be allowed greater freedom to take direct action against terror threats.  This is a very familiar narrative that has played out again and again with various intelligence services in the past.  Every time a spectacular attack occurs and there is evidence that the state or certain state actors were involved, the term “intelligence failure” is bandied about, and an increase of money and power is injected into the respected security apparatus.  The narrative of the Westgate attack is following a very familiar script which we must start paying attention to.  There is certainly a much larger and longer game that is being played out in East Africa.

Episode 5 correction

A listener just pointed out something which I got wrong in the latest episode of Porkins Policy Radio. I originally stated that President Kenyatta’s fiancé was murdered by Al Shabab militants. As Sarah rightfully points out it was actually Kenyatta’s nephews fiancé. A slight detail, but it’s important to correct these sort of things. Unlike the corporate controlled media, the real alternative media makes all attempts to get the truth and facts right.

Sarah also sent me a link to an article on the looting that took place in the Westgate shopping center which I would encourage you to go and read. This was something that I wanted to include in episode 5, but I just couldn’t fit it in. The looting scandal is yet another bizarre aspect of this whole horrific event.

I have gotten some really fantastic feedback on this episode, including an email from the amazing Tom Secker, who’s work I referenced a lot in episode 5. I really appreciate the emails and your feedback. So keep them coming.

Porkins Policy Radio Episode 5 “What really happened at #Westgate?”

Download PPR episode 5

Show notes:

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