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PPR Bonus Podcast episode 16 Cambridge Analytica Rant with Tom Secker

Tom Secker of SpyCulture.com joins me for a discussion of all things Cambridge Analytica. We start off by talking about the recent Channel 4 expose of the company. Tom and I talk about what Cambridge Analytica is being accused of (sexual blackmail, using MI6 agents, manipulating voters) and ask the question is this really anything new? We also focus on James Bond villain Alexander Nix, his mysterious background, and his role as a modern day colonialist. We use Nix’s role in Kenya’s recent elections as an example.

Later we move onto the the purple haired “whistleblower Christopher Wylie and truly begin our rant. We talk about the major ethical problems with Wylie and his role within CA. Tom and I talk about the perception being built around Wylie, and how this doesn’t fit with his actual actions within the data mining company. We close out by talking about the way the liberal media has covered this story. Tom and I discuss how groups like Channel 4 and Hillary Clinton seem to think that the majority of the public are idiots that need to be protected from companies like Cambridge Analytica. We talk about the need for people to actually build defenses against manipulators and not simply vote or buy a certain product because they are “too stupid” to make their own decision.

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Episode 5 correction

A listener just pointed out something which I got wrong in the latest episode of Porkins Policy Radio. I originally stated that President Kenyatta’s fiancé was murdered by Al Shabab militants. As Sarah rightfully points out it was actually Kenyatta’s nephews fiancé. A slight detail, but it’s important to correct these sort of things. Unlike the corporate controlled media, the real alternative media makes all attempts to get the truth and facts right.

Sarah also sent me a link to an article on the looting that took place in the Westgate shopping center which I would encourage you to go and read. This was something that I wanted to include in episode 5, but I just couldn’t fit it in. The looting scandal is yet another bizarre aspect of this whole horrific event.

I have gotten some really fantastic feedback on this episode, including an email from the amazing Tom Secker, who’s work I referenced a lot in episode 5. I really appreciate the emails and your feedback. So keep them coming.

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