Episode 5 correction

A listener just pointed out something which I got wrong in the latest episode of Porkins Policy Radio. I originally stated that President Kenyatta’s fiancé was murdered by Al Shabab militants. As Sarah rightfully points out it was actually Kenyatta’s nephews fiancé. A slight detail, but it’s important to correct these sort of things. Unlike the corporate controlled media, the real alternative media makes all attempts to get the truth and facts right.

Sarah also sent me a link to an article on the looting that took place in the Westgate shopping center which I would encourage you to go and read. This was something that I wanted to include in episode 5, but I just couldn’t fit it in. The looting scandal is yet another bizarre aspect of this whole horrific event.

I have gotten some really fantastic feedback on this episode, including an email from the amazing Tom Secker, who’s work I referenced a lot in episode 5. I really appreciate the emails and your feedback. So keep them coming.

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