Porkins Policy Radio Episode 3 “Democracy Egyptian Style”

Download PPR episode 3

Show notes:

1954-1970: CIA and the Muslim Brotherhood ally to oppose Egyptian president Nasser

Western intelligence and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood

The truth about the Muslim Brotherhood

History: How the Us installed a proxy “Brotherhood” government in Egypt

US bankrolled Anti-Morsi activists: US money trail to Egyptian groups that pressed for presidents removal

Its offical: “Arab Spring” subversion is US funded

Google’s revolution factory

2011- Year of the dupe

Egypt’s Elbaradei: Con-man in chief?

Was Washington behind Egypt’s coup d’etat?

America’s plan B in Egypt: bring back the old regime

America and he generals in Egypt moved against Morsi to prevent a popular revolution

Egypt’s army chief El-Sissi trained at US Army War College

Hagel contacts Egyptian general now in charge

Who is the new Egyptian intelligence minister

Fomenting civil war in Egypt


The Association “Along comes Mary”

Terrence Parker “Emancipation of my soul”

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