Shadi Hamid is a Western stooge

Shadi Hamid, the Director of Reashearch at Brooking Doha Center Center, has become a cheerleader for Western intervention.  If you follow Middle Eastern politics at all than you will be very familiar with Shadi Hamid.  Latley Hamid has become a cheerleader for Western intervention in the Middle East.  He pushed hard for the West to get involved in Libya, and has been urging world powers to set up “safe zones” in Syria.  It is very troubling that a man as smart as Hamid would be so cavalier about getting involved in another civil conflict in an Arab nation.  This morning me and him got into a little bit of a Twitter fight.


I asked him if he could provide me with links that would back up his claim that less people died.  He did not provide me with any links.  Hamid did not comment on the blow back in Mali, the ethnic violence between Arab’s and Tubu’s, or on the fact that the country is in chaos.  Hamid said nothing of the fact that now the Malian people may not get the right to vote in their elections.  Hamid latter tweeted…


By that idiotic reasoning, the American led war in Iraq was totally fine.  They got to vote and dip their index fingers in purple ink.  Who cares that its unstable and violent and as repressive now as it was under Saddam.  Perhaps we should intervene in every Arab country.  As long as they get to vote does it really matter what the consequences are.  Shadi Hamid later re-tweeted warmonger John McCain talking about shwarma.  That about sums up how repulsive Shadi Hamid is.

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