PA crackdown in the West Bank gets worse

The Palestinian Authority in recent months have reached new heights of authoritarianism in the West Bank.  Over the weekend scores of protesters were attacked and beaten by uniformed and plain clothes PA security forces.  The protesters were marching towards the PA headquarters in Ramallah, to protest against President Abbas’ planned meeting with Israeli Vice Premier Shaul Mofaz and to call an end to negotiations with Israel, before being stopped by security forces.  In the past few weeks around 200 people have been detained by the PA in their campaign to cut down on the illegal arms trade in the West Bank.  Time is running out for the PA.  Many Palestinians are beginning to view them as nothing more than Israeli puppets.  While they are essentially in control of certain parts of the West Bank, the PA’s real power is derived from Israel.  The Israelis are the ones allowing for the PA to operate.  Abu Mazen is beholden to the Israeli government.   And for all his rhetoric bashing Israel, he still caries out their orders with regards to security in the West Bank.  The PA’s claims about economic prosperity have also not swayed the population into supporting them with out question.  More and more Palestinians view the economic prosperity as only benefiting the corrupt PA’s cronies.  If the Arab Spring ever hits the West Bank there is no telling what the ramifications could be.  But if there is a country that is ripe for the Arab Spring it is Palestine.  With the Israeli occupation bordering on ethnic cleansing, and the PA tightening its grip on society, the Palestinian people are reaching their breaking point.

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