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Porkins Policy Radio episode 13 “Iran, 9/11, and the death of Ariel Sharon with Ryan Dawson”

For today’s podcast we had the great pleasure of speaking with Ryan Dawson of Anti-Neocons Report.  We had a wide ranging discussion about Iran, the death of Ariel Sharon, 9/11, JFK,  and much more.

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Show notes:

War by Deception

Decades of Deception

A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties


Suicide – “Rocket USA”

Suicide – “Ghost Rider”

Arafat poisoning reveals Israeli nuclear weapons program, yet again

According to a Swiss study large amounts of polonium 210 have been found in the bones and property of PLO leader Yasser Arafat. This notion of poisoning was once disregarded as nothing more than a conspiracy theory out out by the conspiracy minded Palestinians. The corporate media and Israeli press of course are still regarding this as the bogus. A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry went do far as to say this was “more soap opera than science.” Ultimately Israel will never admit that it may have had a hand in murdering Arafat, despite various Israeli leaders at the time saying that killing Arafat was on the table. This is really just confirmation of something that most people already knew to be fact.

The more interesting aspect of this is that it once again forces people to come face to face with the reality that Israel is the only state in the Middle East with nuclear weapons. Polonium 210 can only be created by someone with sophisticated nuclear facilities. The Israeli nuclear weapons program has long been a taboo subject for the western press. As Grant F. Smith has chronicled in his book Divert, US presidents from LBJ to Obama have continued a policy of denial when it comes to the vast nuclear weapons that Israel posses. The discovery large amounts of polonium in Arafat’s body again point to the Israeli nuclear program. The timing of this couldn’t be worse to the Israeli state. While they are urging America to obliterate Iran, they are themselves sitting on a massive reserve of destructive nuclear weapons.

Breaking the Silence Silenced by RNC convention

The indispensable Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence has released a new report on children and youth in the Occupied West Bank.  Complete with video testimonies the new report paints a disturbing picture of the daily violence that the IDF inflicts on Palestinian children.  Now normally the American media would try their best to ignore this sort of report.  They may even try their best to some how portray this as yet another viscous anti-Semitic attack.  Lucky for the media the Republican National Convention will be eating up most of their time and energy.  So before you get all worked up over the RNC and DNC conventions take the time and read through the report.  If you cant read the whole report here are articles in The Independent, The Guardian and Ynet, all of which deal with the recent report.  When your watching the balloons falling from the convention arena ceiling, you may want to take a minute and think about how your tax dollars go to funding this decades long occupation.

No denying Israeli apartheid anymore

The above picture is that of Dani Dayan.  Dayan is the head of the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria.  The Yesha Council is an umbrella group which represents all the various settler communities colonizing the West Bank.  Yesterday the New York Times published an Op-Ed by Dayan in which he argues that the settlements are not only going to stay, but in fact they are the solution to the Israel Palestine problem.  I would urge everyone to read this.  It does not matter where you fall on the political spectrum when it comes to the Israel Palestine question because this is the direction that Israel is moving in.  I will not spend the time dissecting all of the inaccuracies and racist remarks in Dayan’s article, instead I will leave you with this thought.

Israel will continue its colonization of the West Bank and the Palestinian people.  They will block any effort to broker a two state solution.  Politicians their will make sure that Israel maintains an ethnic majority over the Palestinian people in the West Bank, effectively turning the West Bank into a series of Bantustans.  Settlers will flood into the West Bank at an unprecedented level; stealing land, water, and peoples individual rights.  This is what Jimmy Carter warned about in his book Palestine: Peace not Apartheid in 2006, for which he was roundly criticized as being an anti-Semite.  Well Carters predictions have come true.  For all those in Israel and America who have bemoaned the two state solution have no fear, a one state solution will happen.  One state in which a racist Jewish majority rules over a Palestinian minority.

PA crackdown in the West Bank gets worse

The Palestinian Authority in recent months have reached new heights of authoritarianism in the West Bank.  Over the weekend scores of protesters were attacked and beaten by uniformed and plain clothes PA security forces.  The protesters were marching towards the PA headquarters in Ramallah, to protest against President Abbas’ planned meeting with Israeli Vice Premier Shaul Mofaz and to call an end to negotiations with Israel, before being stopped by security forces.  In the past few weeks around 200 people have been detained by the PA in their campaign to cut down on the illegal arms trade in the West Bank.  Time is running out for the PA.  Many Palestinians are beginning to view them as nothing more than Israeli puppets.  While they are essentially in control of certain parts of the West Bank, the PA’s real power is derived from Israel.  The Israelis are the ones allowing for the PA to operate.  Abu Mazen is beholden to the Israeli government.   And for all his rhetoric bashing Israel, he still caries out their orders with regards to security in the West Bank.  The PA’s claims about economic prosperity have also not swayed the population into supporting them with out question.  More and more Palestinians view the economic prosperity as only benefiting the corrupt PA’s cronies.  If the Arab Spring ever hits the West Bank there is no telling what the ramifications could be.  But if there is a country that is ripe for the Arab Spring it is Palestine.  With the Israeli occupation bordering on ethnic cleansing, and the PA tightening its grip on society, the Palestinian people are reaching their breaking point.

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