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DisinfoWars with Tom Secker – The Disinfowar on Terror

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From Boiling Frogs Post:

Today I am joined by Pearse Redmond of and one of the hosts of the BFP roundtable. We expand on the last two episodes, responding to some listeners comments, in particular explaining our views of the Oded Yinon plan for a ‘greater Israel’ and the persistent but false rumour that Shin Bet were secretly behind the Entebbe hijacking. Our discussion also explores how Israel is a magnet for people’s attention and hostility not just in the Middle East but all across the world, and how this is likely a deliberate consequence of NATO’s policy of creating and supporting the Israeli state.

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Porkins Policy Radio episode 13 “Iran, 9/11, and the death of Ariel Sharon with Ryan Dawson”

For today’s podcast we had the great pleasure of speaking with Ryan Dawson of Anti-Neocons Report.  We had a wide ranging discussion about Iran, the death of Ariel Sharon, 9/11, JFK,  and much more.

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Show notes:

War by Deception

Decades of Deception

A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties


Suicide – “Rocket USA”

Suicide – “Ghost Rider”

Arafat poisoning reveals Israeli nuclear weapons program, yet again

According to a Swiss study large amounts of polonium 210 have been found in the bones and property of PLO leader Yasser Arafat. This notion of poisoning was once disregarded as nothing more than a conspiracy theory out out by the conspiracy minded Palestinians. The corporate media and Israeli press of course are still regarding this as the bogus. A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry went do far as to say this was “more soap opera than science.” Ultimately Israel will never admit that it may have had a hand in murdering Arafat, despite various Israeli leaders at the time saying that killing Arafat was on the table. This is really just confirmation of something that most people already knew to be fact.

The more interesting aspect of this is that it once again forces people to come face to face with the reality that Israel is the only state in the Middle East with nuclear weapons. Polonium 210 can only be created by someone with sophisticated nuclear facilities. The Israeli nuclear weapons program has long been a taboo subject for the western press. As Grant F. Smith has chronicled in his book Divert, US presidents from LBJ to Obama have continued a policy of denial when it comes to the vast nuclear weapons that Israel posses. The discovery large amounts of polonium in Arafat’s body again point to the Israeli nuclear program. The timing of this couldn’t be worse to the Israeli state. While they are urging America to obliterate Iran, they are themselves sitting on a massive reserve of destructive nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu and Zionists are really missing Ahmadinejad

The newly elected President of Iran Hassan Rouhani addressed the UN general assembly today.  In his speech he laid out his vision for Iran and it’s tenuous relationship with the United States.  While his speech talked about peace, negotiations, an ending to the brutal sanctions imposed on his country and his further insistence (backed up by numerous reports) that Iran is not and never was attempting to develop nuclear weapons, Netanyahu and his cadre of psychotic Zionist warmongers were non too pleased.  Netanyhu proclaimed to all that would hear him that Rouhani is nothing but a liar.  His “charm offensive” is all a rouse to ingratiate himself with the political establishment in the West, while continuing to build nuclear bombs; of course so he and the other “mad mullahs” can destroy the world and procreate with virgins in the after life.  If this all sounds familiar its because its the same load of shit that Netanyahu always says.  You see it really doesn’t matter whom the Iranian people elect for president.  If it’s not a subservient dog that licks the boots of US and Israeli leaders then it must mean that he is hell bent on bringing about a second Holocaust.

Netanyahu in fact loved Ahmadinejad.  With Ahmadinejad he had a lose cannon who often angered the globalists.  Ahmadinejad was the perfect tool for the Israelis to use to prove to the world that Iran was full of nut jobs whose sole purpose in life was to kill Israelis.  Rouhani on the other hand is smart, diplomatic, and yes charming.  Rouhani represents not just a new moderate leader in Iran, but a completely new policy with in the Islamic Republic.  The “mad mullahs” are not mad enough to have their nation and people obliterated by the US and Israeli war machine.  Hence why they backed Rouhani.  Netanyhu who is actually hell bent on a messianic crusade to rid the world of all the Muslims who are not slaves to the Israeli war machine has lost his best friend.  He no longer has his punching bag.  So what does he do?  He simply states that Rouhani is a fraud. A fraud that must feel the destructive force of the US/Israeli war machine.  The “all options on the table” approach that the Unites States has taken can roughly be translated to: still keeping the option of using a nuclear weapon on Iran .  As with the fake peace negations Israel conducts with the fake Palestinian government, the issue over Iran is not about curbing nuclear weapons, it is about destroying independent nations that challenge Israel and their imperial objectives in the Middle East.

Please keep in mind that the only nation in the Middle East that actually has nuclear weapons is Israel.  While Netanyhu and the other racist Zionist war criminals were foaming at the mouth over Iran, 51 nations at the UN voted to protect Israel from having to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty.  A treaty I may add that Iran is a signatory to.  The actor who is really working in bad faith and conspiring to commit brutal war are the psychopaths that rule Israel.  Rather than give peace a chance, and perhaps work toward a some what stable relationship, Netanayhu and a host of other psychopaths prefers to obliterate the nation and people of Iran.


IDF instagram

The Electronic Intifada recently exposed yet another instance of Israeli dehumanization of the Palestinian people.  I refer to a series of Instagram photos they published on their website three days ago.  Several of them include the Israeli solider, Mor Ostrovski, posing with his various weapons but it is the below photo which has sparked the most controversy.  Yes that is a Palestinian youth that is in the cross hairs of his sniper rifle.   As expected the IDF offered lip service saying that “this is a severe incident which doesn’t accord with the IDF’s spirit and values.  The issue was brought to the attention of the soldiers commanding officers, will be examined and properly handled.”  This is of course the same institution that has not indicted a single solider or individual for any of the 240 cases of military abuse perpetrated against  Palestinians in the occupied West Bank by the IDF in 2012.

What this latest episode exposes is the persistent dehumanization of the Palestinian people.  This dehumanization is rampant through out Israeli society.  The dehumanization campaign is integral to maintaining the occupation.  If the average Israeli were to view the average Palestinian as say a human being with natural rights such as the right to live it would be extremely difficult to maintain this massive occupation and colonization of another people.  But when viewed as a nuisance at best and a “terrorist threat” at worse it becomes easier and easier to justify acts of extreme aggression toward individuals who are less than human.

Netanyahu keeps Israel safe from terrorists


Here is a great example of the way in which Netanyahu keeps Israeli safe; and ensures his reelection campaign will be a success.

Breaking the Silence Silenced by RNC convention

The indispensable Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence has released a new report on children and youth in the Occupied West Bank.  Complete with video testimonies the new report paints a disturbing picture of the daily violence that the IDF inflicts on Palestinian children.  Now normally the American media would try their best to ignore this sort of report.  They may even try their best to some how portray this as yet another viscous anti-Semitic attack.  Lucky for the media the Republican National Convention will be eating up most of their time and energy.  So before you get all worked up over the RNC and DNC conventions take the time and read through the report.  If you cant read the whole report here are articles in The Independent, The Guardian and Ynet, all of which deal with the recent report.  When your watching the balloons falling from the convention arena ceiling, you may want to take a minute and think about how your tax dollars go to funding this decades long occupation.

Iran still isn’t building a bomb

Once again the United States admits that Iran is not building a nuclear bomb. This time around it was in response to the erroneous claims that Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has been making to the media in the Jewish state. Barak recently said that the American position on Iran was finally moving closer Israel’s. This was after Haaretz reported that there was a new NIE stating that Iran was in fact constructing a nuclear bomb. The Haaretz report is as false as Barak’s comments. No where in the Haaretz report is new intelligence cited. The same old lies about a supposed “clean up” at the Parchin military facility are cited as evidence by Haaretz, despite it having been debunked already. Haaretz also relies on anonymous Western and Israeli diplomats as sources for this new revelation. The other “reliable” source used by Haaretz comes from the violent Iranian terrorist cult group the MEK. I won’t even take the time here to break down how the MEK has absolutely no credibility.

So let’s be clear so we don’t have to go through with this for the two hundredth time. Iran is NOT building a nuclear weapon. They ceased construction in 2003 and have not begun again. This was the revelation that was made in the 2007 NIE, and it is still true today. As the L.A. Times pointed out five days ago, there is no nuclear program in Iran. It does not exist. For some further clarification on how ridiculous these claims are, here is former US Navy intelligence analyst John Schindler writing on his blog about these false claims:

A couple rules of the road. NIEs are very special things, exceptionally LIMDIS (limited distribution); when I was a full-time spook I didn’t read them – that was way above my pay-grade. That’s for the White House and related bigwigs. And they are always NOFORN: not for foreigners.

So, a few possibilities. Barak and his government are playing one huge head-fake with Obama, whom they openly dislike, even though he just dumped more money on Israel. Or, they have seen it – how, exactly, this former counterspy wonders – and are diming out DC in a very tough game of hardball.

Regardless, the rules of the spy game are clear and have been since Moses was a boy. When intelligence services share information, as they do every day, you don’t pass it to third parties without clearance. Ever. And if you do, eventually you will get burned and nobody will want to play marbles with you.

Barak and the other warmongers in Israel simply can’t wait to bomb Iran. Netanyahu and Barak are both savvy enough politically to understand that the American public by and large is gullible enough to so take that they say as fact. It doesn’t seem to matter how many times government officials or the mainstream media tells the American people that Iran isn’t building a bomb; they just don’t buy it. Netanyahu and Barak use this fact to brainwash Americans into blindly marching into war with Israel’s enemies. Israel’s enemies are not always our enemies. It’s time for Israel to fight their own battles. If that means attacking and oppressing Muslims through out the Middle East then fine, but we can not be dragged into this. The Muslim and Arab world already hates us enough. Can you really fathom what would happen if we worked with or allowed Israel to attack Iran? Can you imagine how fast Iran would build a bomb if they were attacked? All of the liberal western orientated Iranians that Americans love so much would side with the Ayatollah. A regional as well as global conflict involving other super powers could result in world war three. Once again the United States is driving down the road headed towards another 9/11.

Violence in Sinai

16 Egyptian border guards were killed Monday by militants operating in Sinai. This is the latest in a string of incidents involving militants and disenfranchised communities in the peninsula. This latest attack was perhaps the most brazen though. After killing the border guards the militants drove stolen armored cars into the Israeli side of the border before being killed by the Israelis. Israel was quick to exploit the situation in Sinai to their advantage by calling the attack a “wake up call” for the Egyptians. As of recently Israel has been pointing its finger at Egypt and Gaza anytime an attack of this nature happens. The Israelis claim that the security vacuum is the fault of Egypt and is being exploited by Hamas and other Palestinian factions. Many political commentators in Israel also chalk up this violence to President Morsi’s “close” ties to Hamas. While this may play well for the Israeli public and western governments it’s simply not true.

Sinai has always been a region plagued by violence and militancy. In 2004 a 400 pound car bomb exploded outside the Hilton Hotel in Taba killing 34 people. A year later three bombs would go off in a coordinated attack that would claim the lives of 83 people in the resort town of Sharm al-Sheikh. And in 2011 the Egyptian oil pipeline connected to Israel and Jordan was attacked a whopping 12 times. All of this violence stemmed from Egypt’s close ties to Israel, something most if not all Egyptians loath, and the abysmal living conditions of the Bedouin communities living in the Sinai peninsula. These are attacks perpetrated by groups that are fed up with the oppressive Israeli occupation of the Palestinian people and the cooperation they receive from the Egyptian political elite, as well as by groups who historically have been neglected by the Egyptian government. The Israeli narrative that this is somehow the work of Hamas or some form of Palestinian resistance group doesn’t hold up. The biggest net loser from this recent attack is Gaza. The Rafah crossing which Morsi promised to fully open is now closed. Politically speaking Israel and it’s supporters are able to use this as further evidence of a global terror campaign directed at the Jewish state. Also keep in mind that Hamas directs their attacks against Israel and not Egypt.

The biggest net winner is of course Israel. Netanyahu and his partner in crime Barak can now blame Egypt and Gaza for all their foreign policy failures. The two of them can present this to other western nations as further evidence of how weak and ineffectual Morsi is as a leader. How can Israel expect to work with Egypt if it’s president can’t control his own people? This is the same tactic that the Israelis have used time and time again. The pro-Israel warmongers here in America will start screaming bloody murder soon enough, claiming that Morsi shouldn’t be president because poor defenseless Israel who never hurt anybody might be attacked.

This recent attack is a wake up call to Egypt as much as it is to Israel. Morsi has to address the Bedouin situation in the Sinai. He can not solve the militancy problem the way Mubarak did; round up and torture every Bedouin and man with a long beard. The Egyptian military must also come to understand that they are a catalyst for much of this violence. The breif love affair that those in Tahrir Square had for the military is now over. The military’s domination of the economy must cease so that those at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder can have a chance to get ahead. President Morsi may also have to examine whether a close relationship with the Jewish state is really in Egypt’s national interest. This doesn’t mean tearing up Camp David or going to war, but it may mean asking the Israelis to put their money were their mouth is on the question of peace with the Palestinians. For Israel this should be the wake up call that they can no longer expect to do whatever they please to Arab peoples and not expect a response. Israel can no longer rely on their dear friend Mubarak to slaughter his own population; which of course was the major cause of discontent amongst Egyptians critical of Israel. The Arab world is changing and Israel needs to catch up. Gone are the days of relying on secular dictators like Mubarak to help imprison the Palestine’s in the Gaza Strip. For too long Israel has relied on the fact that Arab dictators are as afraid of Arab democracy as they are. Israel never really had to make peace with the Palestinians because no Arab leader actually cared about the plight of their Palestinian brothers and sisters. And the populations living in Arab countries had no real voice or means to press their unelected leaders. For the first time now those in Gaza have a real ally in Egypt. It is time for Israel to wake up and see that their hegemony over the Middle East is slowly ending. The easiest way to prevent violence spilling over into Israel is to stop implementing a foreign policy doctrine that oppresses Arabs. And the first step in this process is to begin a real dialogue with those nations neighboring Israel. As more leaders are democratically elected in the Arab world the less leeway Israel has to do whatever they want in the region with out serious repercussions.


UPDATE: More attacks in Sinai

No denying Israeli apartheid anymore

The above picture is that of Dani Dayan.  Dayan is the head of the Yesha Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria.  The Yesha Council is an umbrella group which represents all the various settler communities colonizing the West Bank.  Yesterday the New York Times published an Op-Ed by Dayan in which he argues that the settlements are not only going to stay, but in fact they are the solution to the Israel Palestine problem.  I would urge everyone to read this.  It does not matter where you fall on the political spectrum when it comes to the Israel Palestine question because this is the direction that Israel is moving in.  I will not spend the time dissecting all of the inaccuracies and racist remarks in Dayan’s article, instead I will leave you with this thought.

Israel will continue its colonization of the West Bank and the Palestinian people.  They will block any effort to broker a two state solution.  Politicians their will make sure that Israel maintains an ethnic majority over the Palestinian people in the West Bank, effectively turning the West Bank into a series of Bantustans.  Settlers will flood into the West Bank at an unprecedented level; stealing land, water, and peoples individual rights.  This is what Jimmy Carter warned about in his book Palestine: Peace not Apartheid in 2006, for which he was roundly criticized as being an anti-Semite.  Well Carters predictions have come true.  For all those in Israel and America who have bemoaned the two state solution have no fear, a one state solution will happen.  One state in which a racist Jewish majority rules over a Palestinian minority.

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