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Porkins Policy Radio episode 189 Lizzy on Al Kamandjati and how to help in Palestine / George Nader Arrest

This week I am joined once again my good friend Lizzy to discuss her work in Palestine. Lizzy began by talking about her own personal journey which has led her to live and work full time in Ramallah. We discussed her work with Al Kamandjati, a non-profit which offers world-class music lessons for Palestinian children. We talked about the mission of Al Kamandjati and its founder Ramzi Aburedwan. Lizzy talked about Aburedwan’s life growing up in the Al Amari refugee camp and how this led him to create the organization. Lizzy touched on the day to day struggles that Palestinians face including night raids, checkpoints, and violence at the hands of the IDF. She talked about her own personal experiences dealing with this trauma. Lizzy and I talked about several people she knew who were murdered by the IDF and the psychological toll on the families involved. Later we discussed ways for people to get involved. Lizzy talked about the need for people to simply educate themselves about the reality of the situation. We also talked about simple ways for people to organize here in the US. Later we touched on the complacency and apathy in the US when it comes to the plight of the Palestinians, and how we can overcome this.

In the second hour, I change gears and talked about the recent news that international fixer, Trump transition team member, and convicted pedophile, George Nader, was arrested in JFK Airport for possession of child pornography. I talk about the roots of this case which stemmed from his 2018 arrest in Dulles Airport. I touched on his cooperation with Robert Mueller and the strange way he was “let go” and allowed to return to the UAE. I discussed some of the truly heinous charges against Nader. I also talked about what this may mean in the larger context of Trump World.

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Show Notes:


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IDF instagram

The Electronic Intifada recently exposed yet another instance of Israeli dehumanization of the Palestinian people.  I refer to a series of Instagram photos they published on their website three days ago.  Several of them include the Israeli solider, Mor Ostrovski, posing with his various weapons but it is the below photo which has sparked the most controversy.  Yes that is a Palestinian youth that is in the cross hairs of his sniper rifle.   As expected the IDF offered lip service saying that “this is a severe incident which doesn’t accord with the IDF’s spirit and values.  The issue was brought to the attention of the soldiers commanding officers, will be examined and properly handled.”  This is of course the same institution that has not indicted a single solider or individual for any of the 240 cases of military abuse perpetrated against  Palestinians in the occupied West Bank by the IDF in 2012.

What this latest episode exposes is the persistent dehumanization of the Palestinian people.  This dehumanization is rampant through out Israeli society.  The dehumanization campaign is integral to maintaining the occupation.  If the average Israeli were to view the average Palestinian as say a human being with natural rights such as the right to live it would be extremely difficult to maintain this massive occupation and colonization of another people.  But when viewed as a nuisance at best and a “terrorist threat” at worse it becomes easier and easier to justify acts of extreme aggression toward individuals who are less than human.

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