Israel’s chickens come home to roost in Bulgaria

A bus carrying several Israeli tourists was blown up in Bulgaria today. Israel was quick to blame Iran for the bombing, with PM Netanyahu saying “Iran is responsible for the terror attack in Bulgaria, we will have a strong response against Iranian terror.” The attack comes on the heels of the arrest of a Lebanese man accused of ties with Hezbollah, and of planning an attack against Israelis. What are we to make of this?
Iran may very well be behind this bombing. The narrative developing though misses out on a very important fact; Israel has been doing the same thing. Israel’s policy of assassinating civilian Iranian scientists is no doubt the reason for this recent bombing. Israel is not some poor defenseless country being targeted by Iran. On the contrary, this is a direct result of their very public assassination policy of CIVILIAN scientists in Iran. I emphasis civilian only to make the point that both the scientists and tourists are innocent pawns being used in a high stakes game of international chess. Don’t get sucked into the western media narrative that this bombing is some heinous act of violence. The bombing demonstrates Netanyahu and Barak’s lack of thought in regards to their own war against Iran. This is an aspect that is also lost on the United States. Does the West really think that Iran will just sit idly by while their own people people are blown up in the streets of Tehran? The bombing today illustrates that Iran is just as capable of hitting back after they are hit. Netanyahu does not care about his own people. If he did than he would not callously order the murder of scientists in Iran. This is a classic example of “blowback.” Now these innocent Israeli civilians will be exploited by Israel as a pretext for more overt warfare against Iran. They will be become martyrs for Israel; their deaths being used to justify more deaths. It may be a bit cynical, but this is exactly what Netanyahu has been waiting for. The hawkish warmonger has been itching for a reason to escalate the war against Iran. A war one might add, that was started when the US began sanctions, and Israel started killing civilian scientists.

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