Obama’s drug czar will crack down on marijuana producers in Colorado and Washington

When Washington and Colorado defied our oppressive Federal government and nullified the national drugs laws prohibiting the recreational use of marijuana many including myself rejoiced at this magnificent event. Perhaps this would act as a wakeup call to other states that they don’t have to roll over and accept whatever unjust law the Federal government implements. There was even the added bonus that President Obama said in an ABC interview that

We’ve got bigger fish to fry. It would not make sense for us to see a top priority as going after recreational users in states that have determined that it’s legal.”

Well it is safe to say that Obama really choose his words carefully; recreational users won’t be pursued. It turns out that Obama’s fascist drug czar will in fact be arresting people for marijuana. They instead will just target “distributors and large scale growers.” I guess it really shouldn’t surprise us that a former member of the Choom Gang would be so two faced about the war on drugs. This is the same great leader who promised to stop the crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries only to turn around and have the DEA raid dispensaries four times as much as President Bush. Obama has also accelerated the militarization of the conflict in Central America in yet another futile attempt by a president to rid the world of the evils of drugs. Yet we should not acquiesce. Nullification represents the most significant and powerful tool that we as a society posses in stopping the tyrannical forces of the state. Be it drugs laws, NDAA, drones, and yes even Obamacare, we do have a method with which to combat the rise of the police state.

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