Assad will suffer same fate as Saddam and Gaddafi

What happens after Assad hands over his chemical weapons to the UN? If history is any indicator, Assad will suffer the same fate as Saddam and Gaddafi, cold blooded murder. Under incredible pressure Saddam relinquished his stockpiles of chemical weapons, making him very vulnerable to external military threats (i.e. US military intervention). Gaddafi foolishly followed Saddams path and destroyed his nuclear weapons production in exchange for being welcomed back into the international community. What happened to Gaddafi? He suffered an even more brutal form of justice than Saddam did.

Once Assad relinquishes his chemical weapons he relinquishes any deterrent he has against American, Israeli and Saudi aggression. Please don’t read this as an endorsement of Assad or chemical weapons. This is merely to point out the plans of the global imperialists, and their campaign to rule the world.

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