The mass shooting deception

Here we go again, another bizarre mass shooting amid numerous scandals and geopolitical events. This narrative has gradually been foisted upon the American public in the past four years; coincidentally when Obama was installed as puppet ruler of Amerika. Now many in the audience may regard this as conspiracy theory, but the troubling frequency of mass shooting must be observed with a careful eye. Seemingly every time that the the globalist elites are in trouble (i.e. Lack of support for an illegal war in, revelations of mass spying on Americans, etc) a wonderful tradgedy occurs, the mass shooting of innocent people. These shooting are always used to bolster support or the state. We can all rally together and wrap ourselves in the flag, and look to the mass murdering regime that is the government for answers and solutions. Politicans exploit these events to speak to the public and humanize their own nefarious actions. These mass shootings also distract us from the events going on geopolitically that our puppet masters would prefer we not take notice off. If you go on Twitter or any social network or news outlet you are inundated with a constant stream of updates on the horror of this seemingly senseless violence. No longer are you concerned with whether or not the US will launch another illegal war of aggression; whether or not the latest round of government stimulus is actually hurting the economy as strengthening the Banksters. Instead your entire foucus is on a random act of violence that seems to come out of nowhere. In the mass media questions such as the timing of the event in relation to other events is never asked. While some are able to understand the wag the dog moments, think Bill Clinton starting war in Kosovo during Lewinsky scandal, people don’t seem to see the connection with these mass shootings and events that the government wishes us to ignore.

Pay close attention to how this recent mass shooting in the imperial capital will be exploited by the elites. The cries for more gun control will be echoed through out the nation; all while government agencies such as DHS and the IRS continue to stockpile billions of rounds of ammunition. The warmongers will manipulate our feelings of shock and horror to somehow justify war in Syria. Comparing the senseless violence here to that which is on going in Syria. Overall the state will use this as a rallying call to unite the American people together under their banner, so as to inflate their perceived justness in existing as our slave masters. And no where in the discussion will the influence of psychotropic drugs be mentioned. The chattering classes on cable TV will never ask the question “did antidepressant’s play a role in this”, as they have in nearly every major shooting in America. From Newtown to Aurora, to the infamous Colombine shooting, SSRI’s and other pysciatric drugs have played a significant if not direct role in the shooting. The fact that the suspect was in the military, which is notorious for pumping psychiatric drugs into soldiers, deserves a serious second look.

As with all events that take place in the Matrix that has been pulled over our eyes, we must critically look at them, and allow ourselves to be skeptical of the official conspiracy theory.

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