Porkins on Beard World Order ep. 4 World War 3

I recently had the great pleasure of joining Guillermo Jimenez  and James Corbett on their podcast series Beard World Order to discuss the notion of World War 3.

From Traces of Reality:

Welcome to The Beard World Order: In this episode of the BWO, Beardlitarians Guillermo Jimenez, James Corbett, and Pearse Redmond consider the possibility of World War III. Could it happen? What would it look like? Has it already begun?

As military tensions mount around the globe, and the “New Cold War” begins to heat up, is there an endgame in sight? How do NATO, Russia, China, and other BRICS nations fit into the picture? What is Russia really up to in Latin America? Given the historical and economic implications of WWI and WWII, who stands to gain from an all-out global confrontation — and in what way?

And, of course, the most important question of all, just what the hell can we do about it?

Serious stuff. NO LAUGHING MATTER. But we find a way to do it anyway.


Download BWO episode 4

Contact Guillermo, James, and Pearse with questions, comments, and suggestions for future topics to be discussed on the show.

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  • Joanie  On September 2, 2014 at 8:19 pm

    Pearse, you mentioned restrictions on food imports/exports as a weapon and how they would cause job losses as well as food shortages or food going to waste. Why should the growers, shippers, etc, cooperate with such restrictions? Why not just smuggle in and out whatever growers want to sell and consumers want to buy? Hungry people would assist the smugglers all along the way. Protests, overt and covert, would disable police action against the smugglers.

    Why do we cling to the self-destructive idea that it is our duty to obey bad laws? Bad directives from the psychopaths who dream them up? People need to think for themselves and do what is right for themselves and their neighbors, and leave TPTSB, like the spoiled brats they are, to have foodfights among themselves in their ivory towers.

    • porkinspolicyreview  On September 4, 2014 at 1:46 pm

      I agree with what your saying. If these food import restrictions do persist, inevitably there will be those who will turn to some alternative market with which to sell their goods. I am sure that right now such smuggling operation are already in place. The only problem i see is that it’s not quite that simple. Moving apples from Poland to Ukraine is not like walking to the local farmers market. For all intents and purposes Ukraine is a war zone which complicates things. I can’t see a grass roots operation just popping up. Lets also factor in that a lot of farmers in Poland are most likely not going to risk the wrath of the EU or US government in order to sell to Ukraine. In New York City where I live there is a very high demand for cocaine. Obviously it is easy to buy cocaine here. But, we are talking about a very large group of individuals that operate in the smuggling of the drug into the city. It wasn’t as if poor farmers in Peru and Colombia struck up a deal with Mexican smugglers and had the support of coke heads to help bring the drug in. There is an incredibly intricate and complex system with a ton of moving parts. Obviously cocaine and apple are very different, but all the same, I am not sure that it is all that clear cut. The people in Ukraine are not going to die from not having apples. The farmers in Poland will suffer though as that is their form of income. Lets also keep in mind that once we enter into the black market we are now at the mercy of those who controls it. The farmers will most likely be exploited, there is violence, and lots of corruption. This isn’t a tacit agreement that we should obey these asinine laws that prohibit farmers from selling their goods freely, but it is a reality.

      We as a society should not let these evil laws and regulations rule our lives. In principal we have a responsibility to disobey them as well. For a lot of individuals though the threat of violence or death is a pretty big deterrent in not disobeying.

  • Kars  On September 8, 2014 at 11:07 am

    Hi Pearce,

    I think BWO was correct that ‘upcoming’ world war 3 is ultimately against the people of the world.

    You can get to this via multiple ways.

    For instance: WW1 – army against army – few civilian casualties.
    ww2 – army vs army – more civilian casualties. ww3 little army against army, many many more civilian casualties.

    You can do the same for the mechanisation of war: WW1 little mech, much labour, ww2 more mech, less labour, ww3 much more mech, very little manual labour.

    These are trends enabled by technology.

    The Function of war is ultimately one of social change done quick.
    People who lead need to direct tempo and timing. They often choose their timing strategically, to conquer people by surprise, and barring people to think things through by allowing no time to consider.

    What social changes are desired?
    See: Agenda21, First Global revolution, etc.
    In short a totally controlled and reduced workforce, their ultimately belief.

    How will ww3 look like?
    Poverty, famine, shortages, big cities, empty countryside, recycling, many fewer children and families. Drone terror (like in Afghanistan NOW), refugees, chain stores only, ‘voluntary’ workforce receiving little well fare.

    How long will it last?
    Until the objectives are reached. Question is what are the leading objectives? Georgia guide stones?

    What strategy() is being used?
    Deception, have people look in fear towards a thread far away, while taking them down from behind – people will not believe it’s their peers that take them down executing local (global)policy.
    ‘Enemies’ who impose sanctions on each other, killing each other’s undesirables.
    It reminds me of a strategy I thought of playing an online multiplayer strategy game. Our player group was about 40 people, who served our nation in this struggle between nations. I contacted a enemy nation and agreed to the leader to have a war. OUR objective was to get rid of OUR own lesser members, by sacrificing them in this war. Our members would not know that their death was arranged, in order to have much fewer players to manage in our nations.

    If I can think of this cunning plan, surely the current elites have used it. I think it’s their way to keep the management and workforce small and efficient and coherent. (You do not want successful managers lasting a long time outside of your world order – think Gadaffi – other might think they can be independent too!)

    A local major, here said he wants his town to be ‘slank en hoogwaardig’ – lean and high value. I think it’s crunch time, war is the strategy.

    Maybe get an ex general and or an economic hitman on to talk about ww3 strategies?

    btw I can highly recommend the Adam Curry and John C Dvorak’s NO Agenda show. Adam and John have a very entertaining way (that is a healty news diet) of deeply analysing all our topics of concern. They excel at verbalising the media and sales sides.

    Keep it up gentlemen!


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