The Bridge with Kira: Alt-media cults and more

Tom Secker and I had the great pleasure of joining Kira Young on her radio show The Bridge.  This time around we continued our discussion of cults by focusing on  those within the alt-media.  We took at a look at how and why cults seem to flourish within the alt-media, with a particular focus on the role that the Internet plays in reaching out to potential members.
Later we looked at the cult of personality around people such as Alex Jones, and how he is able to operate at the level he does today.  We then moved onto a well known figure in the alt-media, Stefan Molyneux, and delved deeply into the cult he has created with the Free Domain Radio community.  Tom and I discussed the fact that much of Molyneux’s cult activity is masked by his libertarian/anarchist ideology.  We zeroed in on his obsession with destroying one’s own family structure (De-Fooing) so that one can join his own digital family where he is the guru in charge.  We also discussed  whether or not Molyneux is  a psychopath.
 Later the three of us explored how many of the more extreme views in alt-media (reptilians, ancient aliens) tend to isolate people from their families and friends, which ultimately makes them vulnerable prey for cults.  I rounded off our discussion with a look at the role that cults such as the Moonies and The Church Universal Triumphant have played in crafting and co-opting the alt-media community.

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  • Bob. Just Bob.  On April 7, 2015 at 8:54 pm

    Hello again Pearse. Thanks for mentioning my comment in your conversation, especially how you my 2 comments were “all these people commenting”. …Although as far as you know, I could be a collection of 100 furiously typing monkeys.

    So it’s pretty clear to me your mind is quite made up on the matter of Molyneux, and you’re not too interested in my perspective. Very well. But I wonder, FDR aside, what do you think of the idea of peaceful parenting and spanking? Also, do you have any plans to discuss these issues with James Corbett?

    And one more thing, Pearse — could you tell me a little bit about your childhood? ; )

  • adamjmiller55  On April 8, 2015 at 10:42 am

    hi Pearse, im not sure if it was in this interview of the last one where you mentioned Antony Sutton. What is your opinion on on his work? I know you mentioned he gave speeches to dangerous cults in the past. Is that because he has a dark agenda or is it because cults and the like are the only people who will give him the time of day? Is Wall Street and the rise of Hitler an accurate book? What is your opinion of Eustace Mullins? I mention these two names in particular because James Corbett has cited them in his research several times. I surprised i dont see more people taking the line that Corbett does on WW2. You would think it would be obvious that the whole thing was a giant conspiracy but people cant seem to bring themselves to come to that conclusion. He gives more information in 8 minutes than the many hours of podcasts ive seen from other outlets.

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