Failed State Update: The Jeffrey Epstein corner of the conspiracyverse w/Pearse Redmond

From Failed State Update:
Pearse Redmond is a podcaster, writer, and one of the leading figures of the Jeffrey Epstein research community. For years, when no one in the mainstream media cared, Pearse and his cohort were diving deep into Epstein-world, trying to figure out what the man was up to and how to get him put in the slammer for good. In this episode of Failed State Update, we discuss some of the more bizarre aspects of the Epstein case and why it took the mainstream media so long to catch up with the conspiracy theorists.

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  • mmjj816  On November 15, 2020 at 11:33 am

    Your bashing of Whitney Webb is a shameless display of professional envy that is all too symptomatic of the petty narcissism that sadly plagues so many bloggers in the so-called alternative media. Instead of reporting the facts for the sake of spreading truth and justice, it’s all about “Oh, look at ME doing this research! I’m the real deal, not like those amateurs out there”.

    You don’t have to agree with the methods and style of other researchers, but that’s no reason to debase the research community by turning it into an infantile pissing contest.

    Not cool.

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