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Porkins Policy Radio episode 107 JP Sottile on Evil Jar Jar Binks and the Alt Right’s Alternate Universe

JP Sottile of http://newsvandal.com/ joins me in the first hour to discuss the next phase of the political soap opera that is Trump’s presidency. We focus on a recent article JP wrote examining the alt-right and the fantasy world they continue to live in. JP gives us his analysis of Steve Bannon’s exit from the White House and back to Breitbart. We talk about how Bannon is still very much in control of Trump’s talking points and the trajectory of his policies and ideology. We also touch on the upcoming midterm elections and the predicament for both Trump and the GOP. JP talks about his idea that Trump represents the martyr who will ultimately fail yet still been seen as the victim. The two of us discuss how Trump is a Chauncey Gardiner type individual, where by his supporters and detractors are able to project whatever they want onto him. JP and I also talk about how deep state has evolved since 9/11 and his now very actively and openly working within Trump’s White House. We also touch on how the deep state/globalists are misrepresented by Trump’s sycophants. JP and I also discuss the controversial theory that Jar Jar Binks was in fact a Sith Lord.

In the second hour I talk about Trump’s increase in airstrikes and the huge cost is it inflicting on civilians around the world. I discuss how Trump has expanded Obama’s legacy and continued to redefine words and their meaning to hypnotize us into accepting war and destruction. I also answer a listener question, as well as take another listener to task for leveling some asinine accusations against me.

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Show Notes:



The Alt-Right’s Alternative Reality

Alfred Korzybski

Trump’s Air War Has Already Killed More Than 2,000 Civilians

Trump’s Policy Is Clear: Civilian Casualties Don’t Matter in the War on Terror

Jar Jar Binks was a trained Force user, knowing Sith collaborator, and will play a central role in the Force Awakens

Government shutdown hype is a hoax

According to our political overlords the end of civilization has finally come to America. It has come in the form of a government shutdown. The hype surrounding the government shutdown is truly beyond comprehension. Warmonger John McCain described the shutdown by saying “The apocalypse is upon us.” Democratic Senator Tom Harkin echoed the same moronic hyperbole by stating:

“That is the path they see for taking over the government. It’s dangerous, very dangerous. … Every bit as dangerous as the break up and the Civil War.”

“I suppose if you are of an anarchist mind, which I believe some of them are, then you don’t want government, you want to create chaos…”

If you still read the corporate controlled media it would seem that this so called government shutdown is unprecedented in American history. While this narrative is being propagated by the main stream media it’s important to note a few things:

1. The government has shutdown a whopping 18 times since 1976.

2. Despite the media spin most Federal activity will continue unabated. Taxes will be collected, people will be molested at the airport. And the military industrial complex will continue to profit off of death.

3. Most important to note are all of the Orwellian security/police state programs that will continue unhindered. NSA spying, domestic drones etc

Indeed most Americans will go about their day and experience no change whatsoever. The elites in the imperial capital want to sow discord amongst the population, and further divide us into political teams. Ultimately both of the criminal factions that seek to control us will agree to lift the ever expanding debt ceiling, and go back to business as usual. The usual being the endless printing of money and the gradual destruction of our freedom and liberties. In the interim period they will attempt to score political points. Don’t fall for their lies. Clearly the government hasn’t shutdown. If it did then perhaps the warmongers in Washington would not be able to plan their next war, or continue to spy on all electronic communications, or force us to buy health insurance from the very same corrupt corporations that have been screwing us and paying for political campaigns for decades.

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