Push to lift arms embargo on Somalia

The lifting of the 21 year old arms embargo has been floated to the UN Security Council.  Colonial master of Somalia, the United States of America, is behind this move to arm the fledgling and ultra corrupt government of Mogadishu.  I say Mogadishu because that is all that the Somali “government” truly controls.  There are many in both the security council and in Somalia that are terrified of the possibility of the embargo ending.  Somalia is still a deeply destabilized state.  Many don’t see how arming the Somali security forces will lead to anything other than more violence.  Somalis should be especially weary that the U.S. is behind this push for arms to Somalia.  America has been meddling in Somali politics for decades now, and no doubt this is their latest move to control the nation.  Just think about who will most likely be supplying the Somali security forces with arms?  I wonder it it will be our massive military industrial complex.  As I have said before this is all America has to offer to Africa.  Unlike China that builds infrastructure or simply invests in Africa,  America only provides military hardware to military strong men.  The perverse fact that the American government and the merchants of death seek to benefit from the bloodshed in Somalia is all the more troubling.  One last final thing to keep in mind also comes from the Reuters article.  The security councils Monitoring Group of Somalia and Eritrea has reported that there are already al Shabaab militants that have infiltrated units of the security forces in Somalia.  So with the lifting of the arms embargo America can do what it does best; give arms to a group that is hostile to them.  It’s worked out splendidly in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Central Asia, so why not do it in Somalia.  I mean whats the worst that could happen?

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