U.S. admits it was wrong on Taliban attacks in Afgahnistan

Woops.  That is what the U.S. government is saying in regards to it’s data on Taliban attacks in the year 2012.  The government for months now has been touting reports that Taliban violence has been down more than ever.  Obama uses this as a way to show that his surge worked.  Well it turns out that due to a “clerical error”  all of that was completely false, and instead the level of attacks by the Taliban against international forces has not changed at all from 2011.  No doubt the war criminal in chief and the rest of his minions are feeling pretty sore about all this.  Kelly Vlahos has a really interesting article discussing the “clerical error” in which she brings up another lie we were told about the goings on in Afghanistan.  She discusses the erroneous statements that Gen. Petraeus made regarding the decline of IED attacks, which also turned out to be completely and utterly false, as in the same vain as the reports on Taliban violence that are now apparently untrue.  In essence these perfect pictures of Afghanistan that are presented to us are always false or at least greatly exaggerated.  Vlahos also points out that the military spent in 2009 a horrendous “$4.7 billion a year on ‘strategic communications, ‘ which included $1.6 billion for  recruitment and $547 million for public affairs at home.”  Strategic communications is military jargon for military propaganda designed to make the military look like a gentle, benevolent, and above all else loved force for good.  Seems as if that $1.6 billion that stolen from the American people didn’t really pay off.  Dam those clerical errors!

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