Syria update: WAR WAR WAR


The past several hours have seen what at first glance appear to be significant developments in averting a war with Syria. Skull and Bones war pig John Kerry jokingly stated that if Assad gave up all of his chemical weapons the United States would not launch a brutal air campaign against them. He also stated that this would never really happen because Assad is the reincarnation of Adolfo Hitler; hell bent on destroying the entire world. Well the Russians took the Bones man at his word and floated the idea to Assad. Much to the chagrin of the war pigs in the imperial capital Assad accepted this proposal, staving of the immediate threat of military intervention. A collective sigh of relief washed over many Americans when reading this news. We did it! We stopped the war! Let’s go back to obsessing over George Zimmerman and twerking. If only this were the case.

Absolutely nothing has changed. The chicken hawks in DC are still itching to go to war. Obama will still be addressing the public tonight on why we should go to war, and Kerry is pushing war harder than before. In fact the administration stated that Kerry was merely talking rhetorically when he suggested Assad give up weapons. If you watch the hearings going on right now (if you can stomach them) you will see that the war rhetoric has become more belligerent. Kerry, Hagel, and Dempsey are still urging Congress to vote for military intervention. The corporate controlled media talking heads are telling us that Assad can not be trusted to give up weapons. Human Rights Watch in the past few hours has spewed out a relentless stream of propaganda designed to sway liberals and so called progressives into supporting a war that most certainly will endanger human rights. And the Zionist warmongers and their minions are not letting up one bit. Billionaire apartheid advocate and committed Zionist Sheldon Adelson is now proclaiming that he will help Obama whip votes in Congress for war authorization. I guess he got over his pony Mitt Romney losing the 2012 election. Indeed Israel’s fervent desire to slaughter Syrians will probably be the main driving force in getting Congressional approval for legalized murder.

Please continue to voice opposition to war in Syria. The fight for humanity has not ended yet.

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