ClandesTime episode 038 Eyes Wide Shut

I recently had the great pleasure to join Tom Secker on his podcast ClandesTime to discuss the film Eyes Wide Shut

From Spy Culture:

I welcome back my good friend Pearse Redmond to the show and we talked about the film Eyes Wide Shut, looking into the background of its star, senior scientologist and state-sponsored film star Tom Cruise.   We discussed Stanley Kubrick’s relationship with conspiracy theories and secret societies and whether the film is a warning about them, or whether he enjoyed promoting these sorts of theories.   In this typically broad conversation we also touched on the mainstreaming of conspiracy, Alex Jones’s infiltration of Bohemian Grove not long after the film was released, and linking in with the last episode whether the audience watching Eyes Wide Shut are to be considered ‘willing fools’.  There is much more besides in this conversation, so don’t miss it.

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For show notes please click here.

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  • crypt  On September 30, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    i think kubrick has always shown a disdain for authority, it’s evident through most of his career. i’ve read some papers regarding the symbolism of trauma based mind control in eyes wide shut and so far this seems like the main subject matter hidden in the film, and provides insight into the mirroring of characters and themes. it is said that the “elite” and occultists use this technique, and quite possibly scientologists as well, so there’s that angle.

  • Notgonna Tellya  On October 1, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    Sorry guys, but it seems to me the most obvious viewing of the movie is that his wife was at the orgy and has always been a member of the secret society( or one of its “owned”). Its been a while since i watched it,but wasn’t it implied or outright stated at one point that his career was due to her connections? Anyway I viewed it as the final insult/terror that the one person he felt he could confide in – he could not. (THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!THEY CONTROL EVERYTHING! cue the Hitchcock violins). EVERY thing about his life/worldview was a lie.
    Also when speaking of Kubrik’s life I’m Suprised you failed to mention the conspiracy fuel fact that he died right after, or was it during the making of this film which “reveals” (wow, I’m impressed… not) secrets – how many more might he have revealed…, was he a threat?
    Overall, good listen.
    Keep up the good work guys.

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