Porkins Policy Radio episode 35 Executive Action

Welcome back, everyone, to Porkins Policy Radio! This long-awaited return of PPR marks our 35th episode!

 For this milestone in Porkins Policy history we were joined by our very good friend Tom Secker to discuss the 1973 JFK conspiracy thriller Executive Action. Starring Burt Lanchaster and Robert Ryan, this film follows the exploits of a right-wing cabal of businessmen, politicians and ex-intelligence operatives as they plot and carry out the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Tom and I begin the conversation by picking apart the film and its overall interpretation of the conspiracy and assassination,  with particular attention to the film’s suggestion that this whole intricate plan could have been carried out by a lone black ops intelligence agent. We also focus on the bizarre way the film portrays Oswald – – a bumbling, sheep-dipped fool who has no idea what is going on or who is actually running him. We note the obligatory praising of Kennedy as a progressive saint, and who and what the film leaves out in terms of players and events surrounding the conspiracy.

Later we take a look at the three people who actually wrote and researched the film. We start with the curious case of screenwriter Dalton Trumbo – – the pro-war WWII propagandist later turned blacklisted Hollywood communist is an odd choice for a screenwriter of a JFK “truther” film. Tom discusses Trumbo’s checkered past, as well as his own theories about who Trumbo really was and who he may have been working for. Then I talk about the two men behind the story and research for the film, Mark Lane and Donald Freed,  and how both of these individuals, in particular Mark Lane, were at the forefront of controlling the alt-media and conspiracy culture of the time. I talk about Lane’s involvement not only within the JFK assassination community, but also in representing James Earl Ray in the MLK killing, his role alongside Donald Freed as Jim Jones’ legal council, his close friendships with a “who’s who” of CIA assets, and his later defense of the American Free Press. We also touch on his relentless attacks on true researchers such as Mae Brussell, and how he deliberately controlled the flow of information coming out about JFK and other conspiracies.

We close out by considering what may have been the goal of Lane and Freed in crafting this distorted view of the JFK assassination. Tom and I also discuss the trend in the alt-media of propping up and supporting so called “truther” films without understanding who is behind them and what their producers’ intentions might actually be.

[NOTE: There was a serious audio issue with the end of this podcast. This is the updated mp3 and Youtube versions]

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Show Notes:

Executive Action

ClandesTime episode 034 The Hollywood Ten

Mae Brussell Youtube Archive

Mark Lane says Mae Brussell and Sherman Skolnik are “nuts”. Mae responds

Power Control Group. Mark Lane and Robert Grodin

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  • Marty  On July 21, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    Hey Pearse,

    Are you saying that anyone who enjoys weed and LSD, mushrooms and such cannot be thinking logically during his day to days? LSD isn’t something you can binge on, it doesn’t even work the next day, you gotta give it a week and unlike all the PEDOPHILES, let’s say George Pervert Walker Bush Sr are into cocaine a whole bunch. A drug that feeds the ego totally. Weed makes most people change character for the better, in many people, people who one would call a redneck turn into a gentle antiwar person, I’ve seen it before.

    And LSD…if it is dosed in a normal dose, aka, what it is sold like now, is not the ridiculous drugs they would use in the MK-Ultra thing or other CIA activities. LSD taken with a friend can make that friendship much deeper or, cut you years of BS and suddenly accept that each other don’t really like each other and only pretend to get along because of some mutual friends. LSD taken by yourself on a small mountain overlooking most of my hometown was a wonderful ego cleansing experience. By that I mean all of the egoistical things that made me into a 20 year old who still acted like a 15 year old regarding behaviour and such. One dose with myself in nature, with shrooms, brought myself to feel as one with all organic matter. It’s hard to put into words.

    The speech by JFK I found the most interesting is one not as often linked to, it’s much closer to his death and he’s speaking of his dreams of a completely disarmed (no more nukes) world and when speaking of the enemy, he never once mentions the USSR or soviets or Russians.

    This side of him was just what people did in the 60’s and 70’s (lsd still exists, its just more rare, there isn’t much money to be made on an a drug that isn’t addictive at all, while weed is a little psychologically addictive, I’ll admit, I quit when I realized I was smoking high grade hash oil and asked myself why I was doing it….and my only answer was “because I wanna get high…no I’m already high, I’m smoking because I’m a creature of habit. When that happened, I stopped smoking any weed products after 9 years of doing so almost everyday.

    Anyway, I doubt you care what anarcho-socialist has to say, if i’m not an ANCAP I’m the enemy for most people in the BFP crowd…(prove me wrong please, I’m a member because you guys still are the best, but it feels like anyone not ANCAP other than Peter B who’s acknowledged to be too old to be able to give a name to what he is, I would just call him a decent human being but that’s what I’d like to call everybody.

    I just wanted to point out that the kinda degrading tone you had about JFK and the fact he liked psychedelic drugs made him a ‘cid-tard or whatever other derogatory name used on people who enjoy the most awesome molecule created by man (but with about 100 000 ergoloids a slight molecular tweak).

    Also, I don’t know much about Michael C. Piper but I read his book (did not pay) The Golem : Armaggeddon something using the jewish folk story of a man creating a creature out of clay that would defend the jews in Hungary or something like that and it ended up turning against its creator when all the gentiles were dead.

    I found his book really good (and scarily accurate) and he didn’t read to me like he detested jews, all he described was the Samson Option, how Israel is actually insane enough (or could become dangerous enough) to apply the option if it cannot get Eratz Israel (from the Nile to the Euphrates), sure you’ve seen the map with hebrew to describe towns and other things on the map. And then how Israel could be stopped, which did not involve destroying Israel, but it did involve, complete disarmament of their nuclear arsenal by a huge international UN contingent, which could happen if Israel turns into a civil war, which strangely could happen.

    Anyway, I’ve said enough, feel free to reply or not

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